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Practice Handwriting With Caribu’s Tracing Pages In An Interactive Playdate

In today’s remote learning environment, how can kids practice writing by hand? While many kids have become miniature tech gurus, and can click, tap, swipe and type away, what about their handwriting? Caribu can give children a handwriting head start with our new alphabet Tracing Pages. Trace the letters A through Z in your next Caribu video-call!

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Video Calls With Caribu Help Educators Reach Students Near And Far

For Teresa Shartar, a pediatric Occupational Therapist in Atlanta, Caribu has become a go-to when working with children. “It’s phenomenal,” she said. “If you’re working with a child on focus, eye gaze, visual tracking, following directions, and turning pages, Caribu is excellent because you can do many OT activities virtually.”

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Author Mayra Ochoa Stewart: Cultivate Connections And Thrive With Caribu

‘Grow, Florecita, Grow’ is a poem that compares the growth of a flower to the personal growth that humans can experience. The poem reminds readers that with patience, care, and gratitude, their lives will blossom, just like a flower. The book’s bright illustrations reinforce this positive message and inspire hope.

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