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The Importance Of Memory Games Online For Kids

Who didn’t love a good memory game as a kid? One of the most popular memory games is the game with little matching cards. Sometimes, we even played it with regular playing cards (now we sound like our parents… “We walked to school uphill both ways!”). Enough about how we played memory games. Nowadays, kids love playing the same game, but in an online format. 

You may be asking yourself if your kids get the same benefits of a good old fashion memory game by playing it online. You’re in luck! We have broken down the importance of memory games online for kids. Now, you can make the best choice for your little one.

What Are Memory Games Online?

Kids of all ages love to play games, especially when a screen is involved. Any game that is found online and tests your memory can be classified as an online memory game. These games can be the classic memory game where you flip over “cards” to find matches, to more complicated games like remembering patterns as they get longer and longer or recalling which cup a ball is under. 

Memory games aren’t as fast-paced as some other games online, making them a perfect activity to transition from one high-energy activity to one that is more relaxed. Sitting down and playing an online memory game together can also help calm them down, if they’re having a big emotional day. It can help you take a moment to center yourself to be able to help them process their emotions. Sometimes just taking a minute to settle down helps lower high emotions.

What Are The Benefits Of Playing Memory Games Online?

Memory games online are great for all ages, and they can even be fun for adults! There’s no judgment if you sign on to Caribu at night to play our entertaining games (we do it too!).

There are many benefits to playing memory games online. Your little one may gain the benefits of the memory game such as improving critical thinking skills, boosting concentration, and exercising short-term memory. They’ll also benefit from the online portion, like introducing them to technology and playing with loved ones who live anywhere in the world. Finally, there is a benefit for you, which is zero clean-up!

Improves Critical Thinking

When kids are faced with a problem, they have to find ways to solve it. By thinking critically, they may be able to come up with more solutions. Critical thinking also helps when it comes to reading. By being able to look beyond the words and find meaning in the book, they can comprehend what they’re reading. 

Memory games help boost critical thinking. When kids start to play these popular games, they have to think critically about how they can remember where certain images are for their next term. As they get more comfortable with the game, they may even start to realize that not only do they need to remember the cards they turn over, but also their opponent’s cards. It may just help them win the game! 

Boosts Concentration

You’ve probably noticed that kids and concentration don’t always go hand in hand. You can ask them to put their shoes on, and the next thing you know, they’re drawing a picture of the butterfly they saw at the park yesterday. 

Playing games, specifically the memory game, can support both concentration and self-control. When kids are engaged in a fun game, they‘re more likely to focus on their task. Practicing this skill can help in other aspects of their life too, like paying attention in elementary school, middle school, or even high school. Seniors can also benefit from memory games like word games, crosswords, or matching pairs of cards.

For younger kids, you may need to choose various games that are at an easier difficulty level. Kids may lose their concentration on the game because the level of difficulty is too hard. Help them gain their concentration by playing games they can excel at with simple instructions. Over time, you’ll be able to increase the complexity of the games.

Exercises Short-Term Memory

Memory games can help with, you guessed it, memory! These types of games can specifically help short-term memory. The short-term memory stores memories for a short amount of time. These can be things like a name of a friend they briefly met at the park, a list of tasks you ask your kids to do, or a new song they learn for the first time at school. 

These short-term memories can become long-term memories if they’re practiced and reinforced. If your little one plays with their new friend more than once, they’ll likely remember their name. If you repeat their task list a few times for them and have them repeat it back, they may remember what they need to do. And, if they practice their new song at school, they’ll be singing it all over the house. 

Memory is an important part of our everyday life, and mind games like a crossword puzzle, a card matching game, or hidden-object games can boost our cognitive skills. Not only do our memories help us do our day-to-day tasks, but they also improve language, visual memory, and imagination. Exercising kids’ memories in a fun way through games can also help with their behavior. They’re better able to remember the house or school rules.

Introduces Kids To Technology

Technology isn’t going anywhere (thank goodness!). It’s amazing to see little kids work a phone, tablet, or computer. Have you ever handed your smartphone to your kid when you can’t figure out how to do something? 

Somehow they just intuitively know what to do. Whether it’s a computer, an Android phone, or an iPad, kids are naturally adept at using mobile devices. If your little one hasn’t had much screen time, playing memory games online can be an easy introduction to both a fun game and technology. Give them about 30 minutes pressing the buttons, and somehow they’ll know more than you. 

Allowing kids to use technology helps them learn the boundaries of screen time that they may keep for the rest of their life. Technology is an amazing tool, but it’s important to teach them early on how to use it appropriately. It’s not always the amount of screen time kids have, but how it’s used. On Caribu, there are thousands of books and games that your children can play. They can also engage with their loved ones over a video-chat.

Play With Anyone Around The World

With a traditional memory game, you’re only able to play the game with someone in the same room as you. Unfortunately, being in the same room as the people you love isn’t always an option. Taking these classic memory games and putting them online allows you to play with loved ones all over the world. 

When it comes to games and connecting with the ones you love, Caribu has you covered. Among other learning games like sudoku, tile puzzles, spot the difference, timer games, and mazes, Caribu also has memory games. Similar to the classic version of memory games, in this one, you flip over tiles to make matches. The players take turns until all the matches are found. Whoever found the most matches wins!

With Caribu, your little one can give grandma a video-call and challenge her to an epic game of memory! Not only are they able to play a fun game, but your child is reaping all the benefits of a memory game. They’re also getting a chance to bond with grandma even though they can’t always be together. Personal connection with the people we love is one of life’s greatest treasures.

Zero Clean Up

Some games are best played with a board and around a table, but this isn’t necessary for memory games. When you play memory games online, you get all of the same benefits of a traditional memory game with zero clean-up! Let us repeat that…zero clean-up! 

No more little cards all over the floor or losing a few cards out of the box, making an incomplete set. Fido can’t eat the corners of the cards causing tears from your little one. And, at the end of a long day, you don’t have to convince your kids to clean up. 


Memory games online are games that help boost your memory, and you play them online. These easy-to-play games can help your little ones (or any participants!) improve their critical thinking skills, boost their concentration, enhance their cognitive functions, and exercise their short-term memory. 

These fun memory games also help introduce your little future scientists to technology in a healthy way, they can play with anyone around the world, and there is zero clean-up!

Caribu is here to bring educational, engaging games to your next video-call. Instead of gathering around the table to play a game, you can gather around the screen and play games with your loved one three states over. Good luck!


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