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Election Anxiety Is Very Real. Here Are 7 Ways To Cope

With Election Day quickly approaching, it’s very understandable to find yourself more anxious, more on edge. It’s also easy for those feelings to manifest as shortness or anger aimed at the people we love. Of course, that is the last thing our families need or that we want to provide them. So how do you keep yourself healthy and present? Take some deep breaths and follow the suggestions laid out below. Because, as with everything in 2020, the election will drag on for a lot longer than we anticipate.

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An Expert Guide To Help Build Your Child’s Resilience During COVID-19

Resilience is the process people go through when responding to difficult times. Everyone experiences disappointments, setbacks, failures and challenges – resilient people tend to thrive as a result of these. Each child’s experience of COVID-19 is different, as is their capacity to respond with resilience. Resilience is dynamic and will change depending on a child’s personal and environmental context. It’s also relative – what might be a big deal for one child might be insignificant to another.

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