Explore The ‘I Can Do It’ Books In The Caribu App To Support Young Kids Through Early Childhood Milestones

With so much focus on back-to-school this fall, it’s important for parents to remember that many kids might have other milestones on their mind! Young kids face many daily challenges in early childhood, and reading books that support them as they take on new tasks can open discussions and relieve anxiety. To help encourage them in their sweet, coming-of-age achievements, try the new ‘I Can Do It’ books, featured in the Caribu app.

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Celebrate Grandparents Day With Stories, Games, And Smiles In A Virtual Playdate

Grandparents Day is on Sunday, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to connect and celebrate with family and friends. Grandparents and grandchildren (and grandfriends!) share special relationships: Kids bring fresh energy and wonder to the world, and can fill conversations with joy and smiles. Grandparents bring a loving warmth that allows kids to relax and have fun with stories, games, recipes, and routines that differ from the ones they are used to with their parents. Even when you are not able to see grandchildren in person, connecting online with Caribu is an opportunity to meet virtually face-to-face, hear each other’s voices, and share the activities you enjoy the most together.

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Practice Literacy Skills With Caribu On U.N. International Literacy Day

As communities around the world take note of United Nations International Literacy Day (September 8), Caribu is proud to be an outstanding option for families to read together and share literacy learning from almost anywhere across the globe. International Literacy Day was was established by UNESCO in 1966 as an opportunity to increase awareness of building literacy development worldwide. In 2015, the U.N. created a series of Sustainable Development Goal goals, one of which is to ensure that “all young people achieve literacy and numeracy, and that adults, who lack these skills are given the opportunity to acquire them.”

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