How Does It Work?

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Choose the perfect gift based 
on the child’s special interests, 
their age, and type 
(digtal, physical, or both).

Digital Delivery

You and your little one’s family will receive a promo code to access your Caribu Unlimited Plan so you can immediately enjoy these wonderful books together in a Magical Caribu Call!

Physical Delivery

If you choose a Gift Set that includes physical books the custom book bundle will be delivered to your little one by mail.

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Book Bundle Gift Sets

Curated as an all-in-one package, children will receive a physical, one-time delivery of their books, along with a Caribu Unlimited subscription.

Book Of The Month Club

It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Children can look forward to a special monthly package with our Book of the Month Club Book to use alongside their Caribu Unlimited subscription.

Digital Gift Subscriptions

Great for international and last minute gifts! Our digital gift cards will be immediately sent to your loved one’s email inbox. Caribu Unlimited subscriptions include the whole family!

Our Most Popular Gift Sets

What Is Caribu?

Caribu is an interactive video-calling app that brings family members together in virtual playdates. Geared towards children age 0-13, the Caribu app allows you to read, draw and play games while seeing one another, even when you’re apart.

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