Top Halloween Reads To Spook And Surprise In Your Next Virtual Playdate

By Beth S. Pollak

Halloween is almost here, and monsters and ghouls are coming near! Start the spooking with books both sweet and mysterious in your next Caribu Video-Call. Check out all of the twisted tales in the ‘Happy Halloween’ category of the Caribu library. Plus enjoy our ghostly Halloween games and crafty coloring pages! Put on your costumes and plan your playdates for an evening of family fun and surprises.

Sign up with Caribu to get started so you can read, play and draw together with your loved ones in an interactive video-call. Celebrate from a safe social distance with exciting books and activities for all ages! Here are some of our top reads for a Happy Halloween:

Cecilia’s Halloween’ Read Aloud 

Do you like playing tricks on Halloween? Join Caribu CEO Max Tuchman in this spooky Video Read-Aloud of Cecelia’s Halloween. In the story, Cecilia goes out with her friendly animal friends in a special costume, and is ready for a fun night of trick-or-treating. When her buddy B.K. pranks a neighbor at an empty house, he’s not too worried about the consequences. But later in the story, B.K. gets pranked himself by a mysterious neighbor! Will they get to the bottom of these tricky stunts? Watch the whole video or read along in your next Caribu call to find out the eerie ending! 

The Basement Ghost

Creep…Creep…Creep… what’s that noise coming from downstairs? CRACK-A-BOOM! It’s definitely something creepy! Susan and Mindy are trying to get ready for bed when lump-THUMP-lump-THUMP-lump-THUMP they keep hearing scary noises! Even though it’s time for bed, the girls decide to investigate what’s happening in their basement. Read the rest in your next Caribu video-call to find out what they discover… if you dare! Turn on your flashlights for a spooky ghost story experience.

The Mean Queen On Halloween

What’s scarier than a ghost on Halloween? How about a bully on the block! When Avery dresses up as a Mighty Queen for Halloween with beautiful natural curls, her neighbor Harper bullies her for showing her hairstyle. But Avery stands up for herself, and the two become friends. The girls share their feelings about what it’s like to have a hairstyle that is different from what they see in books and among their other friends. With the message, “It’s okay for me to take up space,” the book reminds kids to be supportive and celebrate each other’s differences. Read it in a Caribu video-call to share this important message for Halloween and year round!

Twisted Tales Of Scary Stories

Who’s afraid of trolls and werewolves? In the new Twisted Tales books, get to know these creepy creatures on an eerie adventure! Travel to mysterious locations to learn about these supernatural beings and their everyday activities. Watch out for other monsters and mischief-makers along the way! Plus, read the true stories behind the legends and learn where troll and werewolf tales come from. 

Ick and Crud: Happy Halloween

Ready for some laughs? Join cartoon puppy pals Ick and Crud as they prepare for the neighborhood’s Halloween pet parade. The only catch: their owner has bought them costumes they don’t want to wear! How can they get out of this mess? Read along as they meet up with their cat friend Miss Puffy and try to survive the Costume Contest! Kids will love the fun in this hilarious Halloween story. Howl along with these delightful dogs when you read the book together in a Caribu Call.

Amazing Autumn

For fans of fall, take a dive into Amazing Autumn with this delightful celebration of the season! Put on your sweaters, pick some apples, and go for a walk to see the changing colors of the trees. Help rake the leaves, and play in a crunchy pile on the lawn! Visit a friendly farm and pick a perfect pumpkin for Halloween. Prepare your jack-o-lantern and enjoy a Happy Halloween. Read the book together in your next family video-call, and discuss your favorite parts of fall!

Real Jungle Tales

Zee is grounded on Halloween! She’s miserable to miss out on the Trick or Treating fun and candies. So the next day at school, she tells her classmates a tall tale of a jungle journey, filled with scary spiders, sneaky snakes, mischievous monkeys, and more! But when she tricks the other kids, she gets into trouble again! Read what happens in your next Caribu video-call, and enjoy the mystery and magic of Zee’s imagination.

Lennon Bruce Fire Breather

Lennon Bruce is a child with magical powers: he can turn himself into a dragon! The only problem is, sometimes being a dragon brings out the worst in him. When Lennon gets angry, he scorches and scares everyone around him! How can he focus his dragon energy in a way that is positive? Join Lennon on a journey to explore how he can be his best self. Plus, read about some tips for kids to practice controlling their own fire breath and calm down when the mood heats up.  

The Shmoogly Boo

Are you afraid of forest creatures? The Shmoogly Boo is a lovable orange monster that wants to scare little kids who walk through the woods! He tries everything to scare a boy named Harry: sharp teeth, a bee coat, pointy wolf ears, and a loud roar!! But Harry still isn’t afraid…until an even more frightening character arrives! Find out who crosses their path in this sweet and colorful story. 

Beth S. Pollak is a writer and educator based in California. In addition to working with Caribu, she consults with educational organizations and EdTech companies. Beth has worked as a teacher and journalist in Chicago, New York, and San Francisco. She holds degrees in journalism, bilingual education, and educational leadership. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, biking, picnics, and dance.