Caribu’s Favorite Fall Books For A Virtual Playdate

By Beth S. Pollak

What’s the best part of fall? As autumn arrives in the Northern Hemisphere, it brings crunchy leaves, cool breezes, and cozy evenings. Celebrate the colors, flavors, and feelings of the season with Caribu’s collection of fall books! Take a trip to a pumpkin patch, collect some acorns, and learn how animals prepare for the winter. Put on some warm socks, grab a cup of apple cider, and make a Caribu Call with the little ones to get in the mood! 

Here are some of our favorite books to warm your heart as the days cool down: 

Kitty’s Wonderful Autumn Day By Olga Pietraszek

It’s Patrick the Kitty’s first autumn and he’s excited to see the leaves changing color! Join Patrick as he explores the forest and notices how different animals prepare for winter. Patrick doesn’t quite understand yet why they are so busy. But once he has a chance to play in the rain, he experiences the joy of autumn with his cat siblings! Read this colorful book together with your family, and celebrate what you like most about fall’s arrival.  

Squirrel’s Acorn, By Lizbeth Stone, Illustrated by Scott Lewis Broom

With winter on its way, all of the squirrels are busy collecting acorns so they will have food and supplies for the whole year. But one squirrel has his eye on a special prize—a big golden acorn on a tree! He waits the whole season for the acorn to fall. What will happen when it does? Will squirrels have enough food for winter with just one giant acorn? Find out in this friendly story about waiting patiently for the treat you want the most. 

Jason’s Pumpkin, By Beverly J. Letchworth, Illustrated by Mary Kurick Maass

On a school trip to a pumpkin patch, Jason is excited to find a pumpkin to take home. However, a bully in his class makes the trip difficult! He makes fun of Jason’s winter gloves, and turns the pumpkin search into a competition. What does Jason do to stand up to him? Read this book in a Caribu Call to learn how Jason deals with his classmate’s mean-spirited comments. Afterwards, discuss the story with the kids, and share ideas for how to stay positive when bullying arises.   

Amber And The Giant Pumpkin, By Jeanie Harris

How did Amber and her family grow a giant pumpkin? Read what it takes in your next Caribu video-call! Learn how Amber prepares the soil for planting, handles the fragile seeds and vines, and pulls weeds to protect the plant as it grows. To grow a champion pumpkin, Amber also needs to monitor the vines to make sure they have enough soil cover and water. Once they pick a pumpkin for the competition, they need to nurture it and protect it from the sun.

Turkey Cookies, By Lissa Rovetch, Illustrated by Amy Wummer

When Tex and Indi are asked to bring a Thanksgiving treat for school, what do they decide to make? Turkey cookies! Learn how they design these creative cookies for their class without using cookie cutters. Read the book together with a loved one, and then make some turkey cookies yourselves!  

You can find all of the books in the ‘Celebrating Fall And Being Thankful’ category of the Caribu app. Sign up for Caribu to get started so you can read, play, and color together with friends and family in your next virtual playdate.

Beth S. Pollak is a writer and educator based in California. In addition to working with Caribu, she consults with educational organizations and EdTech companies. Beth has worked as a teacher and journalist in Chicago, New York and San Francisco. She holds degrees in journalism, bilingual education, and educational leadership. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, biking, picnics, and dance.