Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans: What Makes Them Different?

Do you have a 7 or 8-year-old who has just gotten into Teen Titans Go!? Whether they found the show on TV or the books in Caribu, are they incessantly talking about everything they know when it comes to the series? It’s no surprise if they are; kids love this series!

If you really want to shock them, we have broken down everything you need to know about what makes Teen Titans Go! and Teen Titans similar – like their characters and settings – to what makes them different – from their tone to their storyline. Keep reading to learn more, and the next time they bring up Teen Titans with the kids, you can wow them with all your newly learned knowledge!

What Are Similarities Of Teen Titans Go! And Teen Titans?

While there are many differences between Teen Titans Go! and Teen Titans, there are also similarities. They share many of the same superheroes and villains. Many of the settings are the same as well. 


Both Teen Titans Go! and Teen Titans have the same main superheroes: Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy. 

Robin is the leader of the group, and sometimes this can cause him to keep more to himself. He is constantly planning and loves perfection.

Starfire is the bubbly, sweet one of the group. However, sometimes she can be a little gullible, but she’s an alien new to earth, so we can let it slide. 

Cyborg is half-human, half-robot, and he is all about the tech. He is incredibly smart and is constantly making inventions for the team and Titans Tower.

Raven is quieter and likes to keep to herself. Her powers are immense, but she has had to learn to control them.

Beast Boy is the entertainer of the group, always cracking jokes. He is responsible when he has to be but prefers to be carefree. He can also shapeshift into any animal. 


Like any superhero story, there has to be a villain. In both Teen Titans Go! and Teen Titans, there are many of the same villains. Some of these include Gizmo, Blackfire, Killer Moth, and Mammoth. In both series, the villains are up to no good. The heroes must use their powers and skills to protect Jump City. 


Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy all call Jump City home. Most of the stories take place here. Jump City is thought to resemble a combination of big cities, with the biggest contributor being San Francisco. 

They also have their base called the Titans Tower. This tower is made in the shape of a big T. The Teen Titans live in the Titans Tower. They each have their own bedroom. There is also the main area with their center of operations, kitchen, and living room. 

What Makes Teen Titans Go! And Teen Titans Different?

It may seem like Teen Titans Go! and Teen Titans are super similar, but actually, the similarities stop at the characters and the settings. Teen Titans Go! is a spinoff of the original Teen Titans, but it’s a stand-alone spinoff. 

Besides the basics, these shows are very different from each other in their tone, style, storyline, show lengths, and the books they’re in. You don’t have to watch the original Teen Titans to understand what is happening in Teen Titans Go!

Debut Date

The first appearance of the Teen Titans was in a comic book starting in 1964, but it didn’t become a hit until 1980. The Teen Titans were in comic books from 1964 until 1982. In 2003, Teen Titans became a show on Cartoon Network. The show was based on the Teen Titan comic book. Teen Titans the show had five seasons, ending in 2006.

Teen Titans Go! came out in 2013. It currently has seven seasons, and it’s unknown if there will be an eighth. Teen Titans Go! also has graphic novels available that are more like book versions of the show. You can enjoy these novels on Caribu!


Even though both of these series share similar names and the same characters, Teen Titans Go! and Teen Titans are very different when you get down to it. Teen Titans Go! is much more light-hearted, for example. 

There are many jokes along the way, and it’s more lighthearted than your average superhero series. While some of the original fans don’t love this change, as they think it should be more serious like the original, kids really enjoy this version. 

The original Teen Titans doesn’t have the comedic relief like Teen Titans Go! The tone of the original series is more serious and emotional. Original fans tend to prefer this version better because it tends to be a lot deeper than Teen Titans Go!

Art Style

Teen Titans Go! has a Western animation style. There is less detailed work in the characters, they seem to be shorter, and they have a more youthful, cartoony look. This style of art works well with the humorous, light tone they were going for with this series. Younger kids usually gravitate towards, and prefer, this style.

The art style of Teen Titans is very different. Teen Titans follows more of an Anime style. Anime is a style of art from Japan. Although Anime is translated to “animation,” when we think of anime, we think of a very specific style of animation. They also used inspiration from the original DC comic book series. Because this style can be a bit more mature, young kids may not be interested in this type of animation right away. 

Show Style

When it comes to Teen Titans Go!, you don’t need to commit to watching the series from season one, episode one to know what is going on in the show. This series is more episodic, meaning the episodes are loosely connected to each other. 

Each episode or book usually has a very clear opening, middle, and end. You don’t need to wait for the next one to come out to know what happens. There is very little character growth within the episodes. 

As for Teen Titans, these episodes and books are structured to be linear. There’s a consistent story within the episode, which leads you to want to watch the next one. This also leads to a lot more character growth within Teen Titans

Both shows are around 20 minutes long per episode. Teen Titans Go! has smaller episodes within the bigger show which follows a very similar layout to other popular comedic cartoons for kids. Whereas, Teen Titans is 20 minutes of one episode, and for this reason, Teen Titans is able to better develop characters and stories. 

Books Styles

On Caribu, we have many Teen Titans Go! books. We love this graphic novel series. It’s light-hearted and an easy way to get your kids interested in the DC comic world. With their brightly colored pictures and action-packed scenes, whether you are a parent or a grandparent, you can enjoy the fun of this zany series! 

There are just enough jokes in there to get you laughing. After all, laughing helps bring in more oxygen, releases endorphins to make us feel good, and boosts our immune system. Keep up those laughs!

If you’re looking for Teen Titans in book form, they come in a more traditional comic book style. There are also one-off novels about specific characters within the series, however, these are more for teens. 

Is Teen Titans Go! Or Teen Titans Better For Kids?

There are heated debates on the internet about which series is better: Teen Titans Go! or Teen Titans. We have no interest in getting in the middle of those debates. However, based on what we have seen, for kids around the 7 to 10 range, Teen Titans Go! may be more appropriate. With its humor, fun animation style, and quick storylines, it seems more engaging to that particular age group. 

As for the original fans out there or older kids, they may prefer the original Teen Titans. There is a lot more opportunity to learn the characters and become emotionally attached to their journeys. Also, with the art style more detailed and less cartoony, it has a more mature look. 


Teen Titans Go! and Teen Titans are pretty different when you really look at them. The name, characters, and settings are the main things that keep them similar. The glaring differences are from the tone and art style of the series. Just looking at the series side by side you can immediately see the differences. Their debut date, show style, and book styles are very different, as well. 

Now that you have learned so much about Teen Titans Go! and Teen Titans, the next time your kid wants to talk about their new favorite series, surprise them with your knowledge! They’ll be so happy to have someone who understands what they’re talking about and can engage with them. 

Are you interested in more superhero books? Caribu has you covered! We have many superhero stories in our book library. You and your little one can tag along with all the heroes as they fight crime and protect their cities. You won’t even have to leave your couch!


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