6-Month Subscription


Give Caribu a try with a 6-month subscription. Only Caribu lets you video-call with family members and read books, play games, color, and draw together – in real-time!  Caribu is perfect as the holidays approach and families cannot always be together.

Once purchased, this subscription is sent electronically and can be scheduled for delivery in the future or can be sent immediately. The subscription can be purchased for yourself or for another individual.  Only one Caribu trial or subscription is required for each family.  The Caribu trial member or subscriber can invite as many family members as they would like, for free!

Caribu is an interactive video-calling platform that helps parents, grandparents, and extended family read, draw, and play games together when they’re not in the same place.  Caribu is “FaceTime meets Kindle,” for kids. The result is an engaging, live stream, shared-screen experience — in a carefully designed, curated, and secure platform. Caribu contains hundreds of books, in seven languages, from leading children’s publishers, and many interactive activities and games that kids love!