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Memorial Weekend Picks For Family Near And Far

By Beth S. Pollak

On Memorial Day, we honor the courage and sacrifices of American soldiers who gave their lives to serve. Many families also gather to spend time together during the long weekend. While you might be distant from your family this year, you can still connect on a Caribu Call for a virtual picnic or reunion! Choose some books and activities to try together, and share memories from years past. Here are some of our favorite Caribu picks for the long weekend.

Staying Strong, Apart And Together 

The book Military Kids: Staying Strong is a coloring book that encourages kids to be resilient and face challenges with bravery. This book is designed for military families that are separated during active deployment. However, with many other families distant due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the book’s positive messages will resonate and inspire kids from all backgrounds. Read it on a Caribu Video-Call, and color in the pages to brighten your day. Also, check out some of the other books in the Military Kids series!

If you’re ready for a #CaribuBreak, your children can listen to the Video Read Aloud of We Serve Too! A Child’s Deployment Book. News Anchor and military spouse Briana Keilar reads this poignant story about a young girl who’s father is deployed. She describes her family life and feelings while he is away. This book takes a realistic look at the experience of deployment from the child’s perspective, and will move you with its emotion and love. Open the Caribu App, tap on Videos, and scroll down to find it. 

Go Marching

Hiking favorite The Ants Go Marching One By One features vivid illustrations of drum-beating ants marching through colorful settings in nature. Sing along with your child and learn the numbers! The book’s rhymes and rhythms also can help develop phonics skills for young readers. March in time with the beat, and stomp around your home or yard. The colorful ants will make you want to move! Practice it on your next stroll as you observe plants and insects outdoors. Find this book and even more songs and sing-a-longs in the “Sing Together” category of Caribu’s Library.

Picnic Time

In Breadsticks & Bow-Bow: The Perfect Picnic, a cat and a fox from the village of Woodley Bend go for a picnic in the countryside. There’s only one problem: They can’t find the perfect spot! They search through the fields and forest until they find a cozy hideaway for their meal. Your kids will enjoy these adorable animals and the book’s colorful, hand-drawn illustrations.  

In A Picnic Surprise, Tex and Indi plan a picnic with their grandparents. Everyone helps out and contributes. But their grandpa Poppy brings a surprise. Read how his silly gag causes lots of giggles. For those who are picnicking close to home, try the book Backyard Picnic. Tex and Indi attempt to picnic in their backyard—but they are interrupted by a furry friend. What happens if you try a backyard or balcony picnic? What surprises might come your way? 

Kick-Off Summer Sports 

The book Lucy Tries Soccer tells the story of Lucy and her friends, who prepare for a game of three-on-three soccer. Join Lucy to learn soccer skills like dribbling and passing, with bright illustrations that demonstrate how they’re done. Cheer for Lucy’s blue team as they take on the red! Learn how teamwork and communication are the keys to success on the field. 

Melvin Goes to the Ballpark is a baseball book from The Adventures of Melvin Walker series. What happens when Melvin and his friends take on some older players? Find out in this exciting story about trying your best even when you’re the underdog. Melvin pitches, hits, and aims for a win! Even more, he’s a great teammate who coaches his friends with encouragement and smiles. 

Opening Day

Learn some summer sports history in the book, The President Pitches!, which details the first time a U.S. President threw the first pitch at a baseball game. It was the opening day of the baseball season in 1910, and President William Howard Taft sat low in the crowds to enjoy the game with the public. When he threw the first pitch, he changed baseball forever—effectively endorsing the sport as a national pastime to be enjoyed by people from all social classes. Take a look at the old photos from this big event and discuss some of your favorite moments in baseball, past and present. 

With the long weekend, you might want to try gardening, listening to music, or checking in with your family history. It also could be the perfect time to enjoy Caribu’s excellent spring reads. However, you choose to celebrate, Caribu wishes you a wonderful weekend of smiles, activities and good reads with your family!

Beth S. Pollak is a writer and educator based in California. In addition to working with Caribu, she consults with educational organizations and EdTech companies. Beth has worked as a teacher and journalist in Chicago, New York and San Francisco. She holds degrees in journalism, bilingual education, and educational leadership. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, biking, picnics, and dance.