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100 Military Kids Receive Sleep Kits With Caribu

Blue Star Families is committed to strengthening military families by connecting them with their neighbors to create vibrant communities of mutual support. Sleep Number has helped Blue Star Families with this mission by supporting military kids through quality sleep. Over the last five years, Sleep Number has supported military families by donating over $650,000 in cash and product.

On May 1st, one hundred kids were selected by Blue Star Families and Sleep Number to receive a Sleep Kit. The Sleep Kits include a Sleep Number Kids™ pillow, twin protection pad, twin sheets, ZZZ Bear bundle, Sesame Street military kid transition activity book, and a lifetime subscription to the Caribu reading app—valued at $650.

“The Blue Star Families 2019 Military Family Lifestyle Survey found that more than one third of military families aren’t getting the sleep they need to function effectively,” said Kathy Roth-Douquet, CEO of Blue Star Families. “While we know our Sleep Kits don’t fix the unique challenges military kids face, we do know they bring comfort amidst chaos.”

Military kids make sacrifices so their parents can keep us safe and sleeping well at night. Lillian is a 12-year-old living in Central Florida. She has always struggled with sleeping, both falling and staying asleep. When Lillian and her family received the news that she was chosen for a Sleep Kit, they were so excited and couldn’t wait to get it. The first night with the Sleep Kit was one of Lillian’s best nights of sleep in a while and has been a welcome change to her nighttime struggles.

Five-year-old Emarosa loves music, dolls, and making new friends. Emarosa’s dad is in a unit that deploys frequently. Unfortunately, when her dad is deployed she struggles with nightmares and waking frequently. She faces many challenges like other military kids do on a daily basis. Emarosa’s Sleep Kit provides needed comfort, and her new pillow even went to preschool with her.

These stories are just two examples of the incredible impact Sleep Kits have on military kids and their families. Their stories showcase the many sacrifices military families make each day.

Did you know that Caribu offers a free subscription for U.S. Service Members? Download the Caribu App today and register with Blue Star Families to learn more.

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