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How To Respond When Your Child Shows Bias

You might think you’ve raised your children to be open and accepting, only to feel mortified when your 5-year old says she doesn’t want to play tag with two little boys at the mall play area because they’re “too dark.” Such was the case for Michelle Meredith, who blogs at Bright Color Mom and describes her family as “a very pale bunch.”

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3 Tips for Helping Seniors Stay Connected This Fourth Of July: Because No One Should Be Limited By Technology

It’s Fourth of July weekend, and people across the country are planning virtual fun for the holiday. Many families this year are choosing to avoid in-person socializing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, especially those who are older and more vulnerable. Despite the distance, family members can still log in to apps like Caribu and connect with relatives through books and activities in a video-call.

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Jesse Byrd Jr: “Invest In Learning What Is Outside of Your Experience”

When author Jesse Byrd Jr. launched his own publishing company in 2017, he aimed to amplify voices that are often excluded in the book industry. “We wanted to offer diverse storytelling for young audiences,” he said. “We wanted the stories we publish to be a reflection of the world that children have inherited; a reflection of different communities and environments. We want to share the non-dominant culture, including kids who are people of color, immigrants, and differently abled. It’s about adding more colors to the rainbow.”

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Learn And Share With Your Kids On Juneteenth

Whether it is your first Juneteenth or your 40th, you can find some opportunities to learn and to commemorate the holiday using the Caribu app. Start by picking a Juneteenth coloring page to work on together and spark a conversation with your (grand)child. To find one, tap the ‘Activities’ tab and search in the ‘Anti-Racism’ category. Select a Juneteenth image, and contact a family member over a Caribu Call. Color in some of the Juneteenth pages together, and share your thoughts about this important day.

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Camp Caribu Week 2 Celebrates Father Figures

Campers, are you ready for Week Two? This week #CampCaribu celebrates Father Figures in our lives. With Father’s Day around the corner, this week is a chance to appreciate the dads, grandpas, uncles, cousins, educators, coaches, and neighbors who are part of your community. What are some of the ways that they have made a positive impact?

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