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9 Of The Best Art Videos For Kids

Is your child getting more and more interested in art? Are you looking for ways to introduce them to different art mediums? We live in an unbelievable time where we can really learn from each other. We get to see a glimpse into other people’s cultures and passions through art videos. 

You can broaden your child’s love for art by broadening their knowledge of art through art videos for kids. Read on to learn how watching art videos can be beneficial to kids. We have also listed the best art videos for kids to watch from videos on traditional art to making crafts at home. 

Why Are Art Videos Good For Kids To Watch?

It may seem counterintuitive to have your child watch an art video instead of just creating the art themselves, but there are benefits of putting these videos on for your kids. Introducing your child to art at a young age fosters art appreciation. Art videos can also open up their eyes to a whole new world of art, helping them to explore their creativity.


Art encourages self-confidence and self-esteem. Art can also increase reading, writing, and social skills. 

When you open up a dialog with your child about what art means to them, they can learn how to express themselves. You also get to see a little glimpse into how they see the world. Finding new ways to engage with your child and learning more about them is always gratifying. 

Introduces Art In A New Way

Watching art videos can also help your child learn about new art mediums. Most of us have the basic crayons, markers, colored pencils, and construction paper. These are all great options to have around for kids, but what about the watercolors, pastels, and clay? 

If you aren’t aware of other art forms out there such as origami, then your budding artist may not have the opportunity to learn about it either. 

The Best Art Videos For Kids

Before we let you know our favorite art videos, there’s one thing to keep in mind. If your child has a new love for creating art after watching art videos, you may be overloaded with all their new art pieces. 

If you’re trying to find a way to display their art, ask them for their input. They may want to hang it on the fridge, create a gallery wall with their art, or they may not want to display it at all and prefer to create an art binder. Another option is to preserve their artwork in a bound photo album which keeps you clutter-free, is a fun memory book as the kids get older, and can also be a great gift for the grandparents!  

There are so many art videos out there, it can get overwhelming to know what you’re looking for or what’s best for your child. We’ve made a list of the best art videos for kids. Depending on what your child is showing interest in, there’s sure to be a video on our list that will spark new levels of creativity.

1. Other Kids Making Art

Kids love watching and learning from other kids, as they are natural imitators. When your kids watch other kids create or talk about art, it gives them an opportunity to see that other kids are interested in art too. It also shows art at their level, and not perfect art pieces made by professional artists. 

2. Introducing The Classics

You may think classic art from Michelangelo, Vincent Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Mary Cassatt, and Edward Mitchell Bannister are too old for your child, but introducing these art pieces to them at a young age can help broaden their knowledge on art. There are videos specifically made for kids that introduce the classics in a fun way. 

If you don’t live near an art museum, Caribu can bring them to you! We have three art walk books that bring the museums to your screen. Your child can travel to different museums with their grandparents over a video-call and tell them all about the paintings they see. They may even remember information they learned from the classic art videos and share their new knowledge. 

3. How To Draw

Kids love to draw. It’s so much fun to see where their imaginations take the crayons. If your little artist is getting more curious about how to draw specific things like animals, vehicles, super heroes, or cartoons, you can pull up an art video for that. Finding videos that are specifically made for kids is important because they simplify otherwise difficult drawings, so your child can succeed in their artwork. 

4. How To Make Crafts

Is your child a crafter? Some kids aren’t as interested in drawing as they are in finding little odds and ends (some buttons, popsicle sticks, paper towel rolls) and creating something out of these finds. 

Craft videos can help your crafter come up with new ideas for all of their treasures. Craft videos can teach kids how to make a paper bag puppet, paper hats, and paper flowers. When your kids watch these videos, they will find new ways to let out their creativity. 

5. How To Watercolor

We probably all have a tray of watercolors in the art closet (you know the one, with the colors all mixed together). Usually, these paints are brought out and kids don’t quite know how much water to use and how to mix the colors properly, so you end up with a soaking wet piece of paper that has to dry for two weeks. 

Who are we kidding; most adults don’t know how to work watercolors either! Watching a video for kids on how to watercolor can help your artist (and you!) learn a new painting technique. 

6. How To Sculpt Clay

Kids love to play with playdough. If your kids are a little older, you may want to introduce them to clay. Don’t worry, you don’t need a kiln at home to play with clay. 

There is air dry or oven-bake clay that doesn’t need anything other than the resources you have in your home. There are many videos out there that teach your child how to sculpt different animals, monsters, flowers, you name it! 

7. How To Make Origami

Did you ever make origami as a kid? Originating in Japan, origami is the art of folding paper without cutting it or using anything to stick it together, like glue or tape. Origami can get pretty intricate, but there are videos with origami for kids. 

They can make a dog, swan, butterfly, or bird. Learning how to fold their paper just right takes a lot of patience and precision, but they will be so proud of themself when they get it just right. 

Caribu also has origami activities. These step-by-step books can help even beginners learn how to make origami. If your child is getting frustrated with the videos, you may want to have them try these activities first. These activities have basic designs and easy to follow steps and are still a lot of fun.

8. How To Paper Mache

A warning before you introduce your kids to the magical world of paper mache, it’s MESSY. If you’re up for it, paper mache is such a fun art medium. Your kids can create bowls, piggy banks, masks, volcanos, and animals out of paper mache. Once the paper mache dries and hardens, they can get creative with how they paint their creation. 

9. How To Make Food Into Art

Art doesn’t have to just be paper and paint. Food is another way for your child to show off their artistic skills. There are videos that show kids how to decorate cookies, cakes, and cupcakes. 

We get it; this isn’t the easiest activity, and it isn’t for everyone, but if you don’t mind your kitchen getting a bit messy, this is a lot of fun for your kids and you! Bonus: after this art project you both get to eat a delicious treat!

Start With Art Today

Art videos for kids are a great way to bring more creative outlets to your child and give them more art appreciation. Art can help your child gain self-confidence and open up new ways to express themself. 

Watching art videos introduces art that wouldn’t normally be in the average household. Art videos that show other kids creating art, introduce the classics, and teach kids about new art mediums like watercolors, clay, and paper mache, are all great art videos for kids. 

If your child is feeling inspired after watching all of these art videos, look to Caribu! Caribu has art activities such as coloring sheets, ‘how to draw’ activities, and color by number. We also have many books and activities that introduce art to kids in new ways. Your kids can share their new love of art with their friends and family over a Caribu video-call!


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