An Easy Way To Draw Flowers

Are you and your little one anxiously awaiting springtime? The warm air, the melting snow, and the beautiful flowers blooming everywhere! If you’re looking forward to a wonderful spring season, why not make your own beautiful flowers by learning an easy way to draw them? We’ve got you covered if you need help deciding which flower to draw!

Keep reading for an easy step-by-step way to draw a few of our favorite flowers. We’ve also listed some activities and a fun, beautifully-illustrated edition of a classic book to help get your mind off the cold weather!  

A Few Fun Facts About Flowers

Before we get into drawing our flowers, why not learn a little more about them?! It’s always a beautiful sight to see a sunflower waving in the breeze or a tulip coming up out of the snowy ground. 

Children usually love seeing beautiful flowers in pictures and growing in gardens, but how much do you know about them? They are, in fact, fascinating. So, here are a few facts you may not have known.

Are Flowers Used Just For Gardens? 

Flowers are for more than just our gardens. As it turns out, many flowers play a significant role in making beautiful dyes for our clothing. Throughout history, mixing various flowers turns fabric into all kinds of gorgeous colors such as bright pink, green, and purple! 

Are Flowers Used In Medicine?

Many years ago, scientists discovered that some flowers have certain medicinal properties. That means that the flower has ingredients to help you feel better when you’re sick. Who doesn’t want to feel better as quickly as possible when we have the sniffles? 

 Are Flowers Used In Vanilla?

Interestingly enough, the vanilla we use to make cakes and cookies comes from the pods of the vanilla planifolia orchid. Of course, not all flowers are edible, but people long ago studied flowers and found which ones are okay for us to eat. Aren’t we glad we now have vanilla to add to our desserts? It helps make our cakes and cookies so yummy!

What Is An Easy Way To Draw A Flower?

Now that you and your little budding artist have learned some fun facts about flowers, let’s get to drawing! You may be looking at a flower and wondering how it’s possible to draw the complex parts of a flower. Have no fear! Flowers can be tricky to draw, but when you break them down into a few easy steps, you may be surprised at your flower drawing abilities! 

Before you get started, pull up a blank drawing sheet on your Caribu app. Then, your little one can practice drawing their flower, or they can give their cousin Nate a call to learn how to draw together!

What Are Easy Steps To Draw A Sunflower?

If you have trouble picking which flower to draw first, the sunflower is the perfect option

Step 1: Once you have your colors picked out, it’s time to start drawing. First, start by drawing two circles, one inside the other. The size of your circle will be the guide for the size of your sunflower drawing. Once you have your circles, draw the stem following the bottom of the circle to the bottom of the page. 

Step 2: Next, you’re ready to draw the outer petals of your easy sunflower. Once you’ve picked the color you want for your outline, draw your petals somewhat equal in size on each side of the sunflower. Again, the circle will be your guide to help you form the perfect sunflower. At this point, your sunflower will start looking like a real sunflower! 

Step 3: Once you have all of your petals drawn, it’s time for the leaves. To draw a sunflower leaf, draw a small line out from the stem. Next, pick a spot on the stem about halfway up. Then draw a second line to meet the first. 

Step 4: Now that you have drawn your sunflower, it’s time to color it! Most sunflowers are yellow and orange, but pick whatever color makes you happy! Typically, the stem and leaves are green, but this is your masterpiece, so choose whatever you like. 

What a beautiful sunflower you have drawn! 

What Are Easy Steps To Draw A Geranium?

Now we will learn to draw a geranium. It may seem challenging at first, but there’s an easy way to draw one that’s beautiful. 

Step 1: After you pick your color, draw a few small circles to create the outline of your geranium. The size of your circles will determine the size of your flower. 

Step 2: Next, in the small circles you draw, add in the flower’s petals. Take your time. Follow your first outline with however many petals you want. 

Step 3: What is a flower without leaves and a stem? Let’s add some. Start at the bottom of your petals and draw as many as you’d like to draw the leaves. For the stem, start from just under the leaves to the bottom of your page.

Step 4: Now that you’ve finished your masterpiece, it’s time to color it in! Geranium flowers are typically white, pink, and red, but use your imagination to create a geranium of your choice.

What Are Easy Steps To Draw A Tulip?

See how easy it is to draw flowers? Next, we will draw the simple yet beautiful tulip! With just a few lines and shapes, you’ll have completed a fun drawing. Let’s get started. 

Step 1: Once you’ve picked out the color you want for your outline, draw a teardrop shape at the top of your page. The size of your teardrop will be the guide for the size of your flower drawing. Once you have your teardrop, draw a small circle at the top of the teardrop. The small circle inside the teardrop is the top of the tulip.

Step 2: Next, you’ll need to draw the petals of your tulip flower. Starting in the teardrop on one side of the shape, draw smaller teardrops going up and down the flower. 

Step 3: Next, it’s time for the stem. Starting from the bottom of the teardrop, draw two long lines close to the bottom of your page. These lines are your stem.

Step 4: We can’t forget the leaves. Draw as many leaves as you’d like coming out of the stem. Like a football, draw a small line from the stem, then connect it with another line to create your leaves. 

Step 5: Time to color your tulip! Tulips come in various colors, so pick the color that makes you the happiest.

If your child wants to show off their drawing to grandma and grandpa, give them a video-call on the Caribu app, and they can join along in storytime! 


You did it! Great job! With our easy way to draw flowers, anybody can draw a flower in no time. Now your little one can give their loved ones a quick video-chat to show them how to draw their favorite flower! While they’re showing them their flower drawing, they can teach them a few fun facts about flowers too!  

At Caribu, we love combining art and the power of story. Kids aren’t always excited to sit for a boring video call with family. However, by learning about the world around us through books, activities, and art, you can turn those boring calls into lots of fun when you learn how to draw together! 


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