9 Best Family Games On iPad To Play With Kids

Kids love the variety of games that devices like the iPad can offer. Why pay hundreds of dollars for games that will clutter your house, when you could get them all on one device? Caribu offers an abundance of iPad family games that you and your kids will love! 

Each game is unique and interesting in its own way. With such a variety, the fun never stops! The best iPad games really come down to the types of games your family likes the most.

What Types Of Family Games Does Caribu Offer?

From memory games to puzzles, word searches, mazes, and more, Caribu offers many different types of family games for kids of all ages. They’re not only fun but also educational, testing your child’s ability to remember, problem-solve, observe, read, and match objects.

We cater to the needs of each child’s strengths and interests, making these games both challenging and engaging. With each category, we offer a few sample interactive games and hundreds of other games and activities in our free plan for you to explore with your family. That’s almost 300 games for free at your fingertips! 

With a subscription, you will have access to even more, which we will be talking about here as well. Let’s take a look into the different types of games you and your loved ones can enjoy together.

The Best Family Games

We offer 9 different categories of games that you can choose from and enjoy! Here are some games that we put together to keep everyone connected and entertained. 

  1. Memory

Test your family’s recall by being challenged to Caribu’s memory games. Choose from over 30 different themes to play and see if you all can remember which cards have what picture on them to match all the given sets. Each game has 8 different sets that need to be matched up with their perfect fit. Can you work together to find the matching pairs?

Putting your memory to the test is not only fun but contributes to the cognitive development of children. As a parent or grandparent, we know you want games that will fuel their minds and stretch their thinking.

  1. Tile Puzzles

Who doesn’t love tile puzzles? They are fun for any age! If your little one gets stuck, you’ll be there to guide them in the right direction to solve the puzzle and complete the picture shown. Just click on the tile you want to move and once it’s highlighted, click on the space you want it to occupy instead. From Thomas the Train to Barbie, unicorns, seasons, and more, Caribu has lots of themes to choose from. Which one will you tackle first?

  1. Sequence

Sequence puzzles can be tricky! Finding what the sequence is can sometimes be the hardest part, but thankfully, these are meant to be played cooperatively. Find the sequence to get the right pieces to fit together. Once you’ve figured out the sequence, click the piece you wish to move. When it’s highlighted, click the space you want to move it to. 

Once you’ve found the right spot for it, the piece will lock into place, and you can keep moving on. Each sequence puzzle is unique, so it won’t get repetitive. These games are fun and challenging, keeping your little ones invested and engaged the entire time!

  1. Hidden Objects

Remember iSpy? How about Where’s Waldo? Hidden Objects is a great game for those who love to find things! Amidst the busy artwork is a list of objects that are camouflaged into the picture. All you have to do is find the hidden objects listed within the picture! 

See who in the family can find all the hidden objects first, or time each person and see who ends up with the fastest time. You might just be surprised how hidden these objects can be! 

  1. Spot The Difference

Work together to find the differences you see between the two pictures. With a set number of differences for each game, you are challenged to really study the two pictures given and find where they have different details. Are there more than two of you playing? Get into pairs and see which team can spot all the differences first! These games aim to really challenge your observation skills.

  1. Word Search

Who doesn’t love a good word search? Work together to find those hidden words. As your children are growing, it’s great for their brains to play games that stretch their thinking and exercise the different parts of their brain. 

Study the abundance of letters until you find the hidden words within. Once you find the word, highlight it so you don’t forget where it is. Word searches will be able to help your little ones with their spelling and reading skills.

  1. Sudoku

Sudoku is one of those games that has been around for hundreds of years but will never get old. Work together to make sure no same symbol or number appears more than once in a column, row, or square. 

Once you have figured out where it’s supposed to go, mark it down on the table and continue on until the table is filled. These puzzles have been shown to increase concentration skills. They will also really get your mind working and make you think three steps ahead. Plus, they’re so fun that your family will want to play one after another!

  1. Matching

Kids love matching games! They’re easier to figure out and come in a variety of different kinds. There are themes including animals, seasons, nature, cars, vegetables, and more! Study the picture and find the object’s matching pair. Once you’ve located it, draw a line connecting the pair. Our matching games are all unique and you’ll love to watch your kids figure each one out! 

  1. Mazes

Mazes are not only complex but also good for your brain. Did you know scientists use them to study the human brain? The hippocampus in the brain is used and challenged when we’re faced with a maze. How cool is that?! 

Your child’s brain is working in fascinating ways when trying to solve a maze. Ranging from easy to hard, our maze games are a great bonding activity for families to play together and with over 30 options, there are plenty of mazes for everyone!

Unlimited Games

If your family loves games, Caribu Unlimited is the best option for you. You get unlimited access to thousands of games, books, activities, and video-calls! Let’s say it a little louder for the people in the back: thousands of options for a small fee! Instead of paying $10 for one game you could get at the store, you can get so many that you and your family will never get bored again. 

If Caribu is something you want to try out first before committing, we have great starter packs for you and your family to try. We promise you’ll love it and want to gift it to all your friends who have kids of their own!

Who Can Play?

Whether you live under the same roof, across the country, or halfway around the world, Caribu designed games for anyone to be able to play together. Parents that travel for business trips, or grandparents who live far away can now connect with the ones they love via iPad or any tablet or phone and even on the computer! You no longer have to wait until you’re in person to connect and have fun.

There are so many iPad family games to choose from and have fun with. Learn what games your children really love and how their brains tend to work. Explore the options and see which games are most enjoyable for your kids. Hop on a video-call with your family today and start playing these games and more! 

Why Is It Beneficial To Play Games Together?

Relationships are formed and strengthened when we take the time to communicate and connect with one another. Children love to connect with others, especially when they can get their minds thinking and their hands on an activity that’s fun and exciting! 

Do you remember when you were younger? Playtime was the best time! You’ll never regret taking time to make memories of playing games with your kids. We have every type of game and activity your kids will love. 

It’s Game Time!

No matter how old you are or where you live, you can still spend quality time with your family. Utilize the technology we have today to engage with your loved ones and have some fun together even if you are miles away. 

These games are not only beneficial as bonding time between you and your family but can also strengthen and sustain your mental capacity. Each is designed to exercise parts of your brain that you might not be using as often as you might think. 

All in all, finding a good iPad-based game doesn’t have to be difficult! Give some of these a try, and find what works best for you and your family.


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