An Easy Step-By-Step Guide On How To Draw A Unicorn

Is there anything more colorful and magical than a unicorn? Unicorns have been a popular myth for over 2,000 years, but over the last decade, their popularity in pop culture has exploded! You can’t go out without seeing a unicorn on something whether it’s a sticker on a book, art on clothing, or even a stuffed animal unicorn. 

Does your little one have a love of all things unicorns? If they do, you’re in luck! Caribu has many fun unicorn activities and drawing tutorials that you and your child can do while spending quality time together. Keep reading for an easy, step-by-step guide on how to draw a unicorn using your child’s favorite color pencils, sharpies, markers, or other art supplies. After you’re finished with your drawing, you can try out the many other unicorn activities and cute drawings we have on the app! 

How To Draw A Unicorn With An Easy Step-By-Step Guide

If your unicorn-obsessed child is interested in learning how to draw one, we’ve got you covered with tutorials for unicorn drawings! A cute baby unicorn can seem a bit complicated to draw with its horse-shaped head and flowing locks, but if you follow our step-by-step drawing lessons, you may find they’re easier to draw than you thought.

Before you start drawing your unicorn, pull up the “How to Draw: Unicorn” page on the 

Caribu app. Here you’ll find a visual step-by-step guide and a virtual list of the supplies you can use, which follow along with our written instructions. You can just use the blank space to draw your unicorn. 

If you have one, you may want to try using a stylus when you’re drawing on our digital coloring pages. There is a good bit of detail in our unicorn, so it may be a little easier than your finger. Now it’s time to pick the scheme you want to use for your outlines, such as fine point or thick, nice black outlines (you can change it as you go), and get started!

Step 1 – Head, Nose, And Neck

You want to use your sketch pencils or permanent marker pens. Using a pencil will allow you to correct mistakes more easily. 

In the first step, we’re going to focus on the nose, neck, and simple head shape of the unicorn. First, draw the shape for the head on the app or on a piece of paper. The shape should be similar to that of a white horse. In its simplest form, you’ll draw a U shape at a diagonal, pointing down to the right. On the underside of the U, add a little bit of a wave to the line. 

Next, for the neck, where you end the line for the head, draw a line going down. The other side of the neck will be formed by the unicorn’s mane in a later step. 

For the nose, draw a line across the bottom part of the head, or U shape, to create the nose of this popular magical creature!

Step 2 – Horn And Eye

Our next step is all about the infamous unicorn horn and unicorn’s eye. Let’s start with the horn. The iconic long horn usually looks like it has been twisted into a spiral. Starting where you stopped the line for the unicorn’s head, begin drawing your unicorn horn. To draw the horn, make a long, thin horn shape at a diagonal going up to the right. To make it look like it’s twisted, draw small lines connecting one side of the horn to the other. 

For our specific unicorn, you will only see one eye. To make it, draw a small curved line centered underneath the horn. The line will almost resemble a smile. Once you have your eye line drawn, it’s time to draw small lines off the eye line pointing down. These will make the eyelashes. 

Step 3 – Mane And Ears

The first step is to draw the unicorn’s bang on one side of the horn. The mane and ears are probably the trickiest parts of the whole unicorn, so make sure you pull up the visual guide as well. 

Draw a backward C starting just to the side of the eye, over and up to the unicorn horn, and then towards the back of the head, using the neckline as a guide for where to stop. Going back to the start of the line from the previous step, curve the line back into itself, stopping just under the top line.

Next, where the lines end, make your ear. To make your ear, use a curved triangle shape, similar to that of a sail on a boat. Leave off the bottom line of the triangle. Once you have the ear drawn, draw a triangle inside the ear, following the outside shape, and adding the bottom line. Don’t forget about the back ear! For this ear, simply draw a small triangle off of the bang you created, representing just the top of the ear. 

Now, it’s time to start the pieces of the mane going down the back of the unicorn’s body. For the first longer piece, starting behind the ear, approximately where the front bang started, draw a long S shape to a point, and then follow that same shape back to the bottom of the ear on the illustration. You can add another smaller piece of the mane to curl under the ear. 

Step 4 – More Mane

Now, it’s time to add more mane pieces to your easy unicorn drawing. These strands are a variety of different curved lines to make the hair of the unicorn mane. We have an example for you on the visual guide, but you can make your mane how you like it. We have started all of the lower pieces of the mane beneath the longer piece we drew in the last step. 

Step 5 – Stars

To finish the unicorn, we have added a necklace of stars below the head. These stars help to finish off the neck of the unicorn. Draw three big stars across the neckline and a few smaller stars as well, for a little extra sparkle.

Step 6 – Color

The final step for your unicorn is to color it! Remember, unicorns are known for their rainbow of colors, so let your imagination run wild with this one! No one has ever actually seen a unicorn, so you can color it any way you would like with yellow colors, nice brown shades, your favorite golden orange, or any colors you want!

What Are Some Other Super Fun Unicorn Themed Activities On Caribu?

Drawing unicorns isn’t the only fun unicorn activity you can find on Caribu! You can find books about unicorns and other books in the fantasy genre for kids. In fact, fantasy has been shown to help kids cope with the real world in which they live. 

We also have many engaging activities you and your child can play, or they can give their loved one a video-call and play while they’re catching up. Here are some of the activities you’ll find. 

Unicorn Spot The Difference

Who doesn’t love a good spot the difference? In this brightly colored page full of cute cartoon unicorns, a rainbow, and a castle, you’ll be able to find differences between each picture. Look carefully! Some differences are hard to spot.

Unicorn Mazes

You can also find a handful of unicorn mazes through a quick search. In each maze, you’ll have to help the unicorn get to where they’re going. Mazes are thought to be beneficial for children because completing them can boost their confidence and improve their patience and problem-solving skills.

Connect The Dots Fancy Unicorn

If you have a younger child who is not quite able to draw the unicorn on their own, our fancy unicorn connect the dots may be perfect for them! All they need to do is connect each dot in order, from 1 to 64. Not only do they get to draw a part of the unicorn, but they can practice their numbers too!

If you’re looking for a magical word search, check out our unicorn word search. All the words your little one will find are all about love and magic, making it the most fantastic word search around! 

Unicorn Coloring Sheets

If your little one loves coloring and unicorns, or if they’re a bit too young for the other activities, we have a bunch of unicorn coloring sheets. These pages are sure to bring endless amounts of entertainment and fun to your unicorn-loving kids!


What’s not to love about unicorns? They’re beautiful, bright, and magical. These days, it seems like they’re everywhere! With our easy-to-follow step-by-step guide, you’ll soon be drawing a unicorn! When you’re finished with your drawing, don’t forget to check out our other unicorn activities. 

We love unicorns at Caribu! The next time your little one has a video-call with their grandma, they can explore the colorful world of unicorns together!


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