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16 Presents To Give Your Grandparents

The holiday season is full of beautiful, family traditions. While the gift of giving creates long-lasting happiness, finding the perfect gift can be a bit stressful! When it comes to grandparents, it really is the thought that counts. A card for the grandparents, quality time, or homemade cookies will certainly make them happy. 

If you’re looking for something a little extra this year, here are 16 thoughtful presents for grandparents. You’re sure to find something on our list that the grandparents will love. There are also budget-friendly items as well!

1. Personalized Ornament

It’s the holidays, after all. A personalized ornament can be the perfect gift for grandparents. You can help your child make an ornament for their grandparent. These ornaments may include their picture, handprint, or homemade clay ornaments. 

You can also purchase personalized ornaments. There are companies that make photo ornaments in all different materials and designs. 

Ornaments will bring a smile to their faces each year when they put out their holiday decoration. 

2. Photo Puzzle

If the grandparents in your family love jigsaw puzzles, what better gift than a puzzle with their grandkids’ photos? You can choose one photo or a collage of photos to order a photo puzzle for them. Choose pictures of the grandkids or pictures of the grandparents and grandkids together. You can choose super silly pictures for some chuckles as they’re putting together their puzzle! 

An added bonus to jigsaw puzzles is their cognitive health benefits. Consistently solving jigsaw puzzles can help memory, perception, and reasoning.

3. Grandparent And Me Matching Sets

Is there something your little one and their grandparents love to do together? A cute gift to get them would be a matching accessory or outfit. Do they love fishing? You could get them a matching fishing hat and vest. Maybe they love baking all those holiday goodies together. A matching apron would be perfect! This thoughtful gift is so special for your little one to give their grandparent.

4. Thoughtful Jewelry

If you’re looking for something special for your kids to give their grandparents, jewelry may be just what you need. There are many jewelry options that are customized to grandparents. There are designs with special inscriptions about grandparents, you can customize them with the names of their grandkids or their birthstones. There are also a lot of different styles of jewelry that can fit anyone’s taste. 

5. Caribu Subscription

The best gift is always the gift of quality time! If your kids and their grandparents live too far away from each other to spend a lot of time together, we have a solution for you: a Caribu subscription! With Caribu, your little one can give their grandparent a video-call. While they’re catching up, they can read stories, play games, and do activities all through the Caribu app.

6. Grandparent Table Topics

Grandparents love to pass down family stories and traditions to their grandkids. Sometimes, it’s hard to get that conversation going. Gifting them a pack of table topics can help grandparents and grandkids get to know each other better and start interesting conversations.

Table topics are usually a set of cards that have different questions on them. One person can read the question, and everyone can give their answer to the question. You can use these cards at the table when you’re eating a meal, or break them out when you’re on your next Caribu video-call!

There are packs of cards you can buy, you and your little one can get creative, and make your own. Some questions could be “If you could go back in time, where would you go?” or “What would you do with $1 million?” or “What’s your favorite family tradition?”

7. Gardening Tools

For the grandparents who love to garden, a basket of gardening tools can be the perfect gift. Set them up with new hand shovels and rakes. You could add in a new pair of gardening clogs or boots and a hat to keep the sun off their face too. Adding in a kneeling pad to save their knees when they’re kneeling in the dirt and a small foldable stool is a nice addition as well. 

8. Birdhouse

If you have avid birdwatcher grandparents, they may love a new birdhouse for their backyard. There are many sizes and styles of birdhouses to choose from. You may want to do a little research to see what types of birds visit the grandparent’s house. Birds can be particular when it comes to birdhouse style and placement. 

Some are larger on a stand, some can hang from a tree. For grandparents without a backyard, they even make birdhouses that can suction to a window! The grandkids will also enjoy seeing the birds fluttering up to the birdhouses when they visit grandpa and grandma.

9. Framed Picture

A framed picture of their grandkids is a super personal gift grandparents love. Giving a framed picture puts a smile on their face every time they look at it! 

Printing a picture, going to pick it up, picking out a frame – a lot of people just aren’t going through the trouble anymore. That said, taking these extra steps to give them a sweet picture of your little one in a frame that matches their grandparent’s style can be incredibly thoughtful.

10. Picnic Basket

Sitting down and having a picnic is such an underrated activity! Packing finger sandwiches, salads, treats, and completing it with an iced cold lemonade (all tucked away in a wicker picnic basket) is so satisfying. 

Picnic baskets vary in price, but many baskets include plates and flatware. Giving this to the grandparents in your family will help create many memories of picnics with their grandkids, in the future.

11. Live Wreath

During the holidays, instead of sending a bouquet of flowers, send the grandparents a live wreath for the inside of their home or right outside the door. Live wreaths add extra elegance to the holidays that grandparents appreciate. They also smell amazing! Their live wreath will bring them holiday cheer throughout the whole season.

12. Customized Doormat

The front door to any home is the first impression visitors get. Why not give the grandparents a custom doormat? You can choose from styles that have grandparent sayings on them. There are also styles that you can customize with the grandkids’ names. This is a cute gift for grandparents to show how much they love being a grandparent before you even enter their house! 

13. Home Portrait

For the grandparents that really love their home or have lived in their home for a long time, a portrait of their home is a touching gift. You can send in a photo of their home, and companies will send you back a stylized version of the photo. 

Once you get the print back, you can have it framed before wrapping it. Now, they’ll have a piece of that home to take with them, if they ever move. 

14. Cozy New Robes

For the grandparents who seem to never buy themselves anything, a new cozy robe may be just what they need. You can even put together a little basket with luxurious bath products. This gift can help them remember to prioritize self-care for themselves too! They’re so busy running around helping everyone else, it’s good for them to take time to relax. 

15. Fun Waffle Makers

Okay, this gift may really be a gift for the grandkids, but how cute are fun-shaped waffle makers? There are some out there with animal shapes or even different popular characters. The next time the grandkids stay at their house, they can make a fun breakfast in the morning, or make ice cream waffle sandwiches at night!

16. Custom Calendar

If you’re looking for a super personal gift to last all year, create a custom calendar for the grandparents. You can include different pictures of the grandkids and family for each month. 

Once you get the calendar, you can take the time to make important dates and birthdays, so it’s easy to see. You can even put your Caribu video-call schedule on the calendar so they can visit with their grandkids regularly.

Time To Get Gifting

When it comes to giving grandparents gifts for the holidays, it’s truly the thought that counts. One of the most important things to grandparents is the time they’re able to spend with their loved ones. However, it’s always nice to get a gift that is thoughtfully picked out just for them. There is sure to be something for everyone on our list! Happy shopping!

We know holidays can be hard when you can’t be in the same room as your loved ones. Invite Caribu to your holiday party! Even though you may not be in the same room or even the same state, you’ll feel the love through Caribu. You can open presents together, read stories, and even play games while celebrating the holiday season! 


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