Caribu Proudly Partners With Slumberkins to Bring Social-Emotional Connections and Conversations to Life on its Virtual Platform


The Partnership Makes Traditionally In-Person Connections Possible in a Virtual World

Caribu, the #1 app for kid-friendly virtual playdates, is partnering with Shark Tank alum Slumberkins, the leading children’s brand providing tools to raise caring, confident, understanding, and resilient children, to create the perfect 360 cognitive and emotional intelligence learning experience. Little ones that have been using Slumberkins story books and cuddly creatures to open up about big feelings, build strong emotional connections, showcase healthy behaviors, and have meaningful conversations in person, can now bring the books and impactful conversations to life virtually on Caribu, no matter how far apart family and friends are in the world. 

These past couple of years have been highly stressful for kids and their families, and Caribu and Slumberkins have shown up with support, comfort, and solutions for everyone to connect in a meaningful way whether they are cuddling on the couch or virtually across the miles. This holiday season, Caribu and Slumberkins families can enjoy books, affirmations, and 10% off cuddly creatures (with code WINTER10) that use evidence-based techniques to teach important social-emotional skills to ward off emotional disconnection and aid in the growth of healthy emotional responses. All of the proactive lessons and stories from Slumberkins support sharing and coping with big feelings, like empathy, hurt, stress, and affection, that can be shared in an interactive Caribu video-call with friends and family across the street and across the globe to build an emotional bond. 

Along with over twenty-five coloring sheets and activities, the following Slumberkins stories are now available on Caribu:

Otter: We all have loved ones that we don’t get to see very often. Otter’s story teaches little ones that no matter how far apart we may be from our loved ones, we always have a deep emotional connection by the love and sentiments we feel in our hearts.

Fox: When big changes come along—like a new family dynamic or new family members—big feelings can come up that are difficult to navigate. Fox creates a safe and secure attachment and sense of loyalty, providing reassurance that they are safe, loved, and never alone.

Hammerhead: All children experience big emotions that can get the best of them in social situations. Hammerhead’s story and affirmation teach them how to take a breath when they’re mad, how to calm down and be vulnerable, and make it right.

Lynx: Lynx’s story teaches children that using their voice to speak their truth is a gift to the world and encourages them to be bold, brave, and to speak up for themselves now and throughout their lifetime.

Sprite: Coping with grief and loss can be overwhelming, and finding the right words to talk to our children about it can feel impossible. Sprite’s story helps you find a place to start as you help a child navigate their emotional needs after loss.

Narwhal: Narwhal’s story teaches children how to embrace challenges as opportunities to grow and how to make a difference in the world around them through problem-solving, healthy interaction and engagement, and recognizing when to ask for help.

Sloth: Whether it’s a new classroom, a different teacher, or starting school for the first time, the back-to-school season and new routines can bring on big feelings. The Sloth Goes to School story helps little ones build up their confidence by helping them prepare for their first day and encouraging them to embrace all of their emotions.

Honeybear: As children step out into the world and explore all the beautiful things it has to offer, Honey Bear’s story reminds children to appreciate every bit of it. It helps children gain perspective and cultivate gratitude for the things in their everyday lives they can be grateful for having.

Yeti: As children become more independent, the world around them can sometimes be overwhelming. Yeti teaches children to slow down and enjoy their experiences, helping them to self-regulate to reduce their anxieties long-term.

Unicorn: When little ones feel good about themselves, they feel empowered to try new things, master new skills, and build strong relationships and rapport. Unicorn knows she is different and lets her light shine in spite of perceived flaws or judgment!

Dragon: When children are encouraged to access their creativity and explore their capacity to dream and have hobbies, the world opens up to them. Dragon’s curious and imaginative spirit helps children build cognitive flexibility, develop problem-solving skills, and engage in imaginative play.

Bigfoot: Bigfoot’s story supports children, offers motivations as they learn self-confidence, and reminds them that they are kind, strong, and the world is better with them in it.

Yak: Trying new things can be scary. Yak’s story teaches children that it’s ok to take risks and helps them understand that it’s ok to not be perfect at something the first time they try it.

Alpaca: Stepping out and exploring the unknown world can be a bit stressful. Alpaca teaches children to articulate their feelings, manage their anxiety, and share their worries with others to build friendship and emotional intimacy.

Ibex: Sensitive Ibex is born with a big open heart and often feels the pain of the world when things go wrong. Instead of hardening his heart and putting up a guard, Ibex learns how to access resilience, be in tune with himself, and do the right thing even when it is hard to do. In contrast to the ‘tough guy’ model, Ibex teaches that having the emotional courage and compassion to accept your feelings and the feelings of others, even during disagreements, is true strength.

In celebration of this exciting news, here is 10% off a Slumberkins cuddly creature (with code WINTER10) for your little one to enjoy when on your next Magical Caribu Call together!