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12 Gifts Ideas For National Grandparents Day

Grandparents are more than the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and a warm hug. They’re also the keeper of family traditions. They are there to celebrate the big and small milestones with their grandkids. Some grandparents even take a big role in helping raise their grandkids. 

Look, being a grandparent is a big job. However, when you have an awesome grandparent in your family, they only add to the magic of childhood! Being such an important part of the family, grandparents have their very own day to be celebrated: Grandparents Day! It’s the first Sunday after Labor Day, and a time to reverse the table and spoil them for a change. Here are 12 gift ideas to help them feel extra special on a day just for them.

What Are Personalized Gift Ideas For National Grandparents Day?

Grandparents can be hard to shop for because they likely already have the things they want. If this sounds like the grandparents in your life, look for gifts that are more personalized. These items can have the names of their grandkids, a little quote just for them, or a picture of their family. Whatever you choose, the personalized touch is sure to have them smiling. 

1. Mugs

9 out of 10 people over the age of 60 who drink coffee are likely to start their day with a cup of Joe. Why not start their day thinking about their grandchildren too? Giving grandparents a personalized mug is a special gift that they can use every single morning. You can put pictures of your kids on the mug, put little characters of all of their grandkids with their names, or even put your kids’ art on a mug. 

2. Frame With Picture

With the use of social media and smartphones, people are printing pictures less and less. For some grandparents, technology isn’t a strong suit. Giving them a special frame with pictures of their grandkids – or, bonus: a picture of your kids and their grandparents together – can remind them of the fun memories together, even if you can’t be together as often as you would like. 

3. Home Decor

These days, you can personalize anything: blankets, cutting boards, aprons, kitchen utensils, doormats, wall decor, you name it. If you know your parents need something specific or there’s a bare spot on their wall, personalize it! You can add a sweet saying that’s special to them or something that your child calls them or says to them. Giving them something that they’ll see every day will definitely give them a big smile. 

What Are Practical Gift Ideas For National Grandparents Day?

Grandparents can be practical. They may not buy themselves new things if they already have enough at home. As many of us know, the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality can be strong with grandparents.

4. Cozy PJs

PJs seem to be one of those things that last and last forever. But, a new cozy pair of PJs is like freshly clean sheets (one of the great joys of life). Help your little one pick out the softest pair of PJs and maybe a robe and slippers to match. If you want to take it a step further, you can even pick out matching PJs for your kids and their grandparents! How sweet would that be on their next sleepover?

5. Comfy Blanket

Blankets are another one of those things that people don’t buy for themselves. Take your little one to the store and let them feel all of the soft, comfy blankets. They can pick the one that reminds them the most of grandma or grandpa. 

6. Tablet

If you live far from your parents, the main way they may be able to connect with your kids is through video-calls. Phone screens can be so small. If they don’t already have a tablet, it may be time to get them one. There are tablets in all sizes and price ranges that can fit your needs. 

Whatever device you decide on, make sure to download Caribu on it! With Caribu, you can set up video-chats that are super engaging to little ones. Grandparents and grandchildren can read books together, watch a video, play games, and color, all from one app!

What Are DIY Gift Ideas For National Grandparents Day?

Who loves Do-It-Yourself projects more than a grandparent? Taking the time to help your little one make something for their grandparent is priceless. Not only do you get to make something special for the grandparents, but you get to have some quality time with your kids. Break out the arts and crafts supplies for these DIY gifts. 

7. All About Grandpa/Grandma Book

Whether you buy a premade book and fill in the blanks or make it completely DIY, making a book all about the things your kids love about their grandparents is a super sweet, thoughtful gift. You can sit down with your kids and ask them questions like, “If you were a cookie, you would be a …” or, “My favorite memory together is when we …” If you’re making it yourself, you can add special drawings from your little ones and include pictures of your kids and parents together and can even design your own hardcover photo book online.

8. Handprint Or Footprint Art

The handprints and footprints of kids are just so little and cute! They’re perfect to use as a special gift for grandma or grandpa. You can make handprint flowers, different animals, and a tree, among many other designs. As for those sweet little feet, you can make a butterfly, birds, and a boat. Get creative with it; your options are endless! 

To make this a gift that will last through the years, use a canvas that will hold up well. This could be an actual canvas or just some framed paper. You can also use non-toxic fabric paint to make your creations on an apron, t-shirt, dish towels, or a tote bag. 

9. Make A Delicious Treat

Grandparents are always bringing their grandchildren sweets, so why not flip the script? Bring your little one in the kitchen and help them make a delicious treat or snack for their grandparents. If you’re short on time (or patience; it happens!) Caribu has some easy-to-make recipes that are proven crowd-pleasers! You kids will be so proud of making their grandparents something delicious and thoughtful as a gift. 

What Are Experience Gift Ideas For National Grandparents Day?

At the end of the day, one of the best gifts you can give grandparents is the gift of quality time with their grandkids. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to show the grandparents how much you and your kids appreciate and love them. It may even be as simple as them getting a few extra hugs from their grandkids (which, by the way, can reduce stress and strengthen the immune system!). Here are a few fun activities your little ones can do with their grandparents.

10. Have A Picnic

Quality time for grandparents and grandkids is so important. It creates a bond between them that won’t be broken, even if their grandparents live far away. Next time the grandparents are over for a visit, prepare a picnic for them and your kids. You can set them up outside in the backyard, or they can take their picnic to the local park. 

Giving them space to build their relationship, and also taking away the stress of preparing the picnic, is an amazing gift to give both the grandparents and grandkids. 

11. Learn A New Game

Whether grandpa and grandma live next door or in a different country, playing games can help them build their relationship with their grandkids. What better gift is there?! There are many games they can play together on Caribu that will help strengthen these bonds. They can work together to solve a sudoku puzzle or word search, or they can battle it out in a game of Memory. 

12. Plan An Outing

Instead of giving the grandparents a gift, buy them a ticket! Ask them to join you and your little ones on a day trip to a zoo, theme park, miniature golf course, or aquarium. You may think the gift is the location, but really, it’s spending time with their grandkids. 


Grandparents are an incredibly important part of the family. Celebrating them on their special day with a gift will let them know how special they are to you and their grandkids. Gifts can be personalized, practical, DIY, or experience-based. Whatever gift you and your little one decide to give them, they’ll love knowing that you took the time to make them feel loved. 

At Caribu, we know how important grandparents are, and that’s why we’ve brought you an app to spend time together doing activities that are fun for all ages!


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