DC Superhero Girls Characters: Our Most Popular List

Did you have a favorite female superhero when you were younger? If you weren’t an avid comic book reader, you probably only knew of one female superhero: Wonder Woman. Things have thankfully changed for our children. Over the last five years, DC has made it a point to celebrate girl superheroes in a big way, and we are loving it! 

DC has brought a relatable, entertaining series  as a show and books called DC Superhero Girls. Keep reading to find out what the series is all about and who are our most popular DC Superhero Girls Characters. 

What Is The Series DC Superhero Girls?

Who run the world? Girls! (Thank you Queen B) The girls are saving the world in this series! If you are looking for a story that celebrates strong girls, this is it. Entertaining for girls and boys, this series follows six superhero girls as they work together to fight crime. 

The girls all meet at Metropolis High School and realize it’s better to band together and support each other than to work solo. In the series, you will see them as regular high school students, and the superheroes that they are. 

DC Superhero Girls has been made into a show and graphic novels. You may be wondering if graphic novels help to enhance kids’ reading since they are full of pictures; the answer is yes! 

If the goal is to get kids to read more, they have to enjoy what they are reading. Sure, there are books that they may have to read for school that aren’t exactly what they would pick, but when it comes to choosing their own books, graphic novels can be a great choice. 

In DC Superhero Girls, you will find beloved comic book characters and some characters you may haven’t had the chance to learn about. These characters are drawn in a way to make them more relatable to kids. 

If you love superheroes, this is a great series to introduce your kids to these characters. Perhaps comic books and their characters will be something you can bond over as a family for years to come. 

Here are some of our most popular characters from DC Superhero Girls!

Wonder Woman

First appearing in 1941, Wonder Woman is one of the very first female superheroes. Wonder Woman is known for her iconic lasso of truth. Wonder Woman, known as Diana Prince when she isn’t fighting villains, is the natural leader of her group of superhero friends. She is agile, strong, fast, and has quick reflexes. While Wonder Woman can’t fly, she can defy gravity and hover in the air, and jump far distances. 

Her signature look includes her golden crown, red top with gold trim, and a blue skirt or pants, depending on the series you see her in. She finishes her outfit with knee-high red boots and silver bracelets. 


Supergirl first made her appearance in 1959. Supergirl is cousins with Superman. Everything Supergirl does is, well, super! Super speed, super strength, and super endurance. She can even fly and shoot lasers from her eyes!

Supergirl is also known as Kara Danvers when she is walking the halls of Metropolis High School. She is known as the kind one of the group, but villains better not test her on that! She will protect her community at all costs. She wears a long-sleeved blue shirt with a big “S” symbol on her chest and a red skirt and cape. 


In 1967, Batgirl first came into the DC universe. Batgirl doesn’t have natural superpowers, but she has been trained to fight crime. She also loves technology and uses many techy gadgets like her Batarang, grappling hook, and remote hacking device. 

Known as Barbara Gordon, she is the comedian and the cheerleader of the group of superhero girls. She is upbeat and happy. Batgirl isn’t related to Batman, but she does idolize him. She wears a purple full bodysuit with yellow accents, including her signature bat on her chest, gloves, boots, and cape. She is also known for her long orange hair. 

Green Lantern

In 2014, Jessica Cruz, a female Green Lantern, made her debut. Green Lantern is the only one in the group that doesn’t physically fight. She doesn’t believe fighting is the way to solve problems. She does have a ring that she can use to construct things out of energy. 

Jessica is an activist at heart, protesting things she doesn’t believe in. She loves the environment and is passionate about what she believes in, like proving that violence doesn’t solve problems. She wears a black, green, and white suit, with a green lantern symbol on her chest.

Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee was introduced in 1976. Bumble Bee can shrink, has inexplicable strength, can fly, and has super reflexes. She is genius-level smart and loves to create tools like her super suit. 

Bumble is also known as Karen Beecher at Metropolis High. She is known to be shy and nervous, but she’s also incredibly brave when it comes to protecting her city. She wears a super cool bodysuit in black and yellow, much like the markings of a bee. 


In 1980, Zatanna first appeared. Zatanna is the daughter of a magician and she has inherited his magical abilities. She can use dimensional travel, gravikinesis (the control of gravity), and telekinesis (movement of objects without touching them). In DC Superhero Girls, she’s known for her awesome purple hair. She wears a black and white shirt, gray pants, and a long cape.  

Zatanna Zatarra, or as her friends call her Zee, can be a little self-obsessed and frustrated when people don’t like her magic. Even still, she is a very loyal friend and a great asset to the group.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is both a villain and the best friend of Barbara Gordon, or Batgirl! Batgirl and Harley Quinn don’t know each other’s secret identities. 

They end up fighting each other unknowingly because of it. Harley Quinn loves to tell jokes when she isn’t being a villain. She is strong and quick when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, and of course loves dressing up like a court jester.

Lex Luther

Lex Luther is the owner of a tech company and claims to be the youngest billionaire. While his front is that he is helping people transition to more technology, he is actually an evil mastermind trying to take over the world! Don’t worry, the superhero girls are watching him and protecting Metropolis. You’ll recognize him by his bald head.

Lena Luther

The little sister of Lex Luther, Lena Luther is up to no good. She is just as smart as her brother, some would even say even smarter. She is able to hack into his technology to try out her own plan of taking over the world, but unfortunately for her, she is stopped by the superhero girls. 


Catwoman, also known as Selina Kyle, is both a student in school and a villain. She and the superheroes don’t know each other’s secret identities. Even though she is a villain, she helps the superhero girls foil a Lex Luther plan, so he can’t take over the world. She may be a villain, but he may have gone too far, even for her. 

Where Can You Find DC Superhero Girls Books?

If you are looking for the DC Superhero Girls comic books, check out the Caribu app! You will find them there, along with other superhero comic books for your kids. Is Uncle Jim really into comics? Set up a video-call with him so he and your kids can read these books together. Maybe he can even help them learn more about each of the characters. 

Once you’re finished reading one of the books, have your child draw their favorite character. Drawing can help them remember what they read in the book. You can ask them to draw what they like most about their favorite character. 


The DC Superhero Girls have reinvented the world of superheroes. What used to be a world without many female heroes is finally changing. Our girls and boys are now seeing strong, confident women working together to protect their world. 

We are so happy to see content where girls lift each other up and support one another. Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Green Lantern, Bumble Bee, and Zantanna may all be unique in what they bring to the team, but the team is stronger as a whole with each one of them. 

At Caribu, we think every kid can have a superpower: READING! We believe in the power of connection through storytelling. No matter how far away you are, your kids can sit with their loved ones and read a story together!


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