Holiday Gift Guides

2021 Caribu Holiday Gift Guide For Kids

Welcome to Caribu’s first-ever Holiday Gift Guide For Kids!

Our theme is ‘Gifts To Inspire Our Future Generations’ because we’ve pulled together toys, games, books, and other fun gifts that have been carefully curated to tie to the content your little ones love enjoying with you on Caribu. We know you love making some of our recipes, exploring space, roaring like dinosaurs, coloring in masterpieces, and inspiring fearlessness through our superhero stories together on Caribu. That’s why our panel of experts pulled together this list of gifts that will help you nail it this holiday season and bring physical items* to the Caribu experience and to your offline and online playdates. How can you go wrong when you’ve been using our in-app library to get to know what your little ones are interested in exploring? Now, onto the gifts for your Future [insert incredible career here].

*As you’ve probably already read in the news, this Holiday season will be plagued with shipping delays and stock outages so purchase your gifts early and don’t be discouraged if your item is already out of stock. We tried to give you a couple of options to make sure you can find what you need and that it arrives on time!

For The Future Screenwriter

If your little one loves making up their own stories on Caribu with our new digital stickers, this StoryTales scene builder will be sure to keep their creative juices flowing!

Ages 3-6 | $134.95

For The Future Magician


When your little one is mesmerized by the stories about magic or is surprised EVERY TIME by the sorcery behind the Surprise Eggs it’s time to fuel that love of magic and wonder. There’s no better fellow magical child to inspire a future in magic making than Harry Potter and the Hogsmeade Village Visit Building Kit.

Ages 8 + | $99.99

For The Future Librarian

If your child loves keeping their physical books in a special place in their room and they take the building of their reading corner seriously, then Caribu’s Holiday Bundles are the perfect combination of a gift for you and them! With different sized bundles (1-3 books) and tons of interests (science to dinosaurs to monsters and more!), your little one will get the books under the tree or next to the menorah and you get to read those books plus thousands more together in a Magical Caribu Call.

Ages 0-12 | $29.99 – $99.99

For The Future 3-Star Michelin Chef

Cooking is an art and science so if your little one loves making recipes with you on Caribu, it’s time to inspire the left and right sides of their brain with this Deluxe Wooden Cooktop Set. When you proudly visit their future Michelin star-rated restaurant you’ll be glad you gifted this one. 😎

Ages 3+ | $53.99

For The Future Marine Biologist

If your little one gravitates to our books and coloring sheets that feature marine life, this Aquarium Building set should leave them inspired to ask for a visit to the local aquarium and jumpstart their future career in the marine sciences.

Ages 4+ | $104.99

And for the smaller ones try the Catch & Count Magnetic Fishing Rod Set.

Ages 3+ | $26.99

For The Future Paleontologist

We’re pretty sure your little one won’t be working with any real dinosaurs anytime soon (fingers crossed!), but if they tend to love reading stories about our old friends or they’ve created stories with you in our Dino Land sticker activity, this Indominus Rex vs. Ankylosaurus playset may be the gift for them! This is a great way to introduce them to paleontology and archeology.

Ages 8+ | $99.99

And for the littler ones have them cuddle up with this T-Rex Giant Stuffed Animal.

Ages 2+ | $43.29

For The Future First Responder

We know who the real superheroes are, and if your little one loves reading about Wonder Woman, Superman, the Teen Titans, the Super Hero Girls, or any of the other superhero stories on Caribu you know you have a future first responder or real-life superhero on your hands. Inspire them with this fun Avengers: Endgame Final Battle Building Kit.

Ages 8+ | $82.99

Or for the littler ones check out the Batman vs. Joker Batmobile Chase Building Kit.

Ages 4+ | $39.99

For The Future Secretary Of Transportation

Thomas the Tank Engine is not only a lovable character but has inspired generations of train lovers. For your little ones whose playrooms look like Penn Station, we suggest this Classic Jumbo Wooden Stacking Train.

Ages 2+ | $53.99

And if your little one is more about personal mobility get them active with The Original Big Wheel 50th Anniversary Ride-On Toy.

Ages 3-8 | $104.99

For The Future Veterinarian

If your little one enjoyed our PAW Patrol takeover this summer and has a natural propensity for team-working pups maybe veterinary science is their future path. This PAW Patrol Activity Rug will have your little one and some pups solving adventures together for hours!

Ages 3+ | $53.99

Or send them and the pups on a rescue mission with the PAW Patrol Rescue Mission Wooden Dashboard.

Ages 3+ | $53.99

For The Future Astronaut

If your little one “gravitates” to our stories about space exploration it’s time to help them reach for the stars with the LEGO 3in1 Space Shuttle Adventure Building Kit.

Ages 8+ | $54.99

For the littler ones, inspire them with the Mars Research Shuttle.

Ages 5+ | $39.99

For The Future Explorers

Pirates were some of the original explorers and the world will always need all types of explorers, so encourage their curiosity and create treasure hunting stories told with our Caribu digital stickers. It’s also a great time to teach lessons about not stealing from others with the LEGO 3in1 Pirate Ship Building Kit.

Ages 9+ | $135.99

For your musical explorers try the Punk Pirate Ship.

Ages 8+ | $59.99

For The Future Race Car Driver

Whether it’s Hot Wheels or our other car sticker activities and coloring sheets, you may already know you have a car aficionado on your hands. Engineers make the world go round so inspire their future in automotive or civil engineering with the Deluxe Road Rug Play Set.

Ages 3+ | $91.79

And for the older ones try the Sonic Sega All-Stars Racing Full Function Remote Controlled Car w/ Lights.

Ages 6+ | $52.99

For The Future Fashionista

Does your little one enjoy dressing up Barbie and her friends, Nikki and Harper, in Barbie’s Photoshoot? Whether they’re dressing them up for their workdays or beach days, your little one is a fashion designer in the making. Help them create new outfits and trends with the Barbie Color Reveal Advent Calendar. Your little ones will love unboxing the 25 daily surprises that include 1 Barbie Color Reveal doll and 1 Color Reveal pet husky puppy!

Ages 3+ | $31.99

And for the older ones who are ready for Project Runway, gift them the Fashion Angels Fashion Design Light-Up LED Sketch Pad Set.

Ages 8+ | $29.99

For The Future Artist

We encourage drawing outside of the lines as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or the size of your stylus. 😬 If your little one is adventurous in their coloring and drawing on Caribu, we recommend the PAW Patrol Tabletop Art Center.

Ages 3+ | $53.99

If you have a future muralist in the house try the Deluxe Double-Sided Tabletop Easel.

Ages 3+ | $43.29

To Celebrate A Holiday Together

Your little one will be excited to eat jelly donuts next to this Mensch on a Bench Plush Singing Menorah to celebrate Hanukkah.

Ages 2+ | $28.99

Help your little one countdown to Christmas with the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar.

Ages 6+ | $52.99

With The Story Of Kwanzaa children will learn about the seven principles of Kwanzaa, called the Nguzo Saba, which remind African-Americans of the struggles of the past, and also focus on present-day achievements and goals for the future.

Ages 3+ | $29.75

To celebrate the end of Chinese New Year, have your little one create the Spring Lantern Festival.

Ages 8+ | $119.99