Best Kids Cooking Subscription Boxes

Cooking subscription boxes have become incredibly popular in the last five years. It’s hard to have a conversation with any fellow parent without one coming up at some point. But, did you know they also have cooking subscription boxes for kids? 

These boxes are specially made just for kids. Some boxes come with games and activities along with a cooking activity. Other boxes come with kid-appropriate kitchen tools. 

There are many different kids cooking subscription boxes, so how do you choose the best one? Here are some of our favorite boxes and why they make the cut! 

What Benefits Do Kids Get From Helping In The Kitchen?

You may not have considered having your kids join you in the kitchen to help out with meals. After all, it’s been a long day, and you just want to get dinner on the table. But, there are actually a lot of amazing benefits of letting your kids help in the kitchen. 

Perhaps after work on a stressful Monday isn’t the best time, so schedule a time during the weekend to whip up a delicious meal together. Creating lasting memories together isn’t the only benefit your kids will get from helping you. 

Reinforces Math Concepts

Allowing your child to help in the kitchen can help reinforce math concepts. Concepts like measuring are hard to conceptualize in a textbook. With cooking, they are able to take those ideas and strengthen them with real, hands-on experience. 

For younger kids, they can help you count the eggs that are required for a recipe. Tasks like making sure cookies are equally spaced on the cookie sheet are also math concepts used in cooking. 

Builds Confidence

The way to build confidence and self-esteem is by doing something out of your comfort zone. The kitchen is a foreign, magical land for most kids. 

It’s the place that produces the snacks and meals. When you allow them to help make those meals, it gives them the opportunity to build their confidence by doing something they have never done before. 

If your kids are always asking to help you in the kitchen, let them take on a new challenge. What tasks you are comfortable giving them is completely up to you. You know your kids better than anyone else! 

If you think they’re ready to use a small knife to cut a banana, give them the opportunity. The key is teaching them how to use a knife safely. Once they learn, they’ll be confident in completing the task.

Promotes A Healthy Lifestyle

Introducing your kids to age-appropriate tasks in the kitchen can help foster a love for healthy cooking and promote a healthy lifestyle. Kids are more likely to try foods that they make themselves. Is there something you have been wanting them to try and they refuse? 

Call them into the kitchen and have them help prepare it. You may just be surprised to see them trying a little bite. If you are a parent to a picky eater, you know the significance of even the smallest bite! And, if you serve your healthy meal on pediatrician-designed safe dinnerware it’s even more of a win.

Introduces Family Traditions

Food plays a huge role in many of our family and cultural traditions. Most holidays or family events are filled with delicious treats. Ask your little one to join you in the kitchen to make the family favorites. When you are cooking together, tell them stories about where the food came from and why you make certain foods. 

If your family lives far from you, and they aren’t able to be with you as much as you like, set up a Caribu video-call while you are cooking. Even though you may be far from each other, you can still bring them in to share your family traditions with the next generation and even try some of the recipes available from America’s Test Kitchen Kids

Why Are Cooking Subscription Boxes Excellent For Kids?

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to inviting your kids into the kitchen with you, perhaps you should look into getting a cooking subscription box. While you may need to purchase the food separately with some boxes, (don’t worry, they give you a full shopping list) they will have everything else you need to make the meals. They offer activities and games as well, to help make cooking an all-inclusive experience. 

Kids cooking subscription boxes include kid-appropriate recipes, engaging colors, and kitchen tools made just for kids. They are a one-stop shop for helping your kids become excited about being in the kitchen with you.

What Are The Best Cooking Subscription Boxes?

There are many different types of cooking subscription boxes for kids. We have listed out some of our favorite types. If you are still unsure which box to go with, you can try one for a month, and then try another. Or, ask your child what they’re interested in! 

Are they interested in baking, global flavors, or maybe they want to make dinner for the family? If they have a specific interest, start with that subscription. 

Family Boxes

Family subscription boxes are, you guessed it, fun for the whole family! These boxes are focused on kid-approved recipes that parents will love. You can work together to create a delicious meal while spending quality time together in the process. Your child will feel like a 

superhero when they present the dinner they made to the family. 

Baking Boxes

It isn’t surprising that with so many baking shows on television, baking has become incredibly popular. Gone are the days where a simple cupcake is sufficient. Kids want to create baked masterpieces. 

If you’re at the “buy premade dough and put it on the cookie sheet” level of baking, you may want to look into baking boxes for your kids to try out new recipes (not that we don’t all love a good refrigerator cookie dough!).

Baking subscription boxes for kids can help them build their confidence when it comes to the science of baking. Not only will they make decadent treats, but they will also bring in even more math and science while they’re baking. Once they are finished baking, they can use their creativity to decorate their masterpiece. 

Allergy Friendly Boxes

Did you know that 8% of kids in the US have a food allergy? That’s a big number. If your child has food allergies, you can rest assured when you buy subscription boxes that are specifically allergy-free. These boxes are also beneficial if your child wants to make something for a friend who may have an allergy. 

Having a food allergy as a kid can feel pretty isolating at times, especially during activities where food is involved. These food subscription companies understand that and have made cooking fun and safe for everyone.

Global Flavor Boxes

If you want your child to start trying new foods, try out a global flavor subscription box. These boxes bring different  cultures from around the world right to your own kitchen. You don’t need to get on a plane, but you can pretend to! Not only are you receiving recipes, specific spice blends, and kitchen tools, but you’ll also be sent information regarding the country the food is coming from. 

Not everyone is able to travel across the globe on a culinary adventure. Bringing the flavors of different countries into your own home can help your kids appreciate other cultures. When you are cooking together, put on music from that country and immerse yourself in the culture. 

Educational Boxes

There are some cooking subscription boxes for kids that go beyond the monthly recipes. Some subscription boxes provide additional recourse throughout the month. This could be a podcast, a culinary magazine, cookbooks, and storybooks that are all kid-appropriate. 

These subscription boxes, like Little Sous, are great for kids who really show a love for cooking and want to learn more than just the basics. These can also be beneficial programs for homeschool families. 


If your child is ready to have some fun in the kitchen, look into cooking boxes subscriptions for kids. These subscription boxes are made specifically for kids to help them build their confidence in the kitchen. Including kids in the kitchen can help reinforce what they learn in math, promote a healthy lifestyle, and introduce family traditions. 

There are all sorts of cooking subscriptions for kids. Understanding what your child is interested in can help you pick the best for your family. There are plenty of cooking boxes to choose from: baking, allergy-friendly, global flavors, family fun, educational, and more! 

Bringing families together is our goal. We can’t always be in the same room or share food together, but through the magic of Caribu, we can continue to build memories and traditions with our loved ones, no matter the distance. 


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