Top Books of 2019: A Review Of The Stories Your Children Loved Reading On Caribu

Our Caribu families have spoken! Here are the 19 Most Read Books on the Caribu app in 2019! A list of exciting picture books filled with awe-inspiring stories for you and your children to enjoy (or reread) together. Sail aboard a pirate ship, go back in time to when dinosaurs roamed the earth, join professional ballerinas at the city ballet, choo-choo up the beanstalk with your favorite little blue engine, and learn about the importance of empathy and being kind. Did any of your favorites make the list? Find them all in Caribu’s ‘Top Books of 2019’ category, during your next video-call!

19. A Cat Named Cow
Who would ever name their cat, cow? Right?! Read along with your child to find out why Tex and Indi thought this would be the perfect name for their kitty.

18. A Busy Day
Mark and Kelly are off to spend the weekend with grandma and grandpa where they will be baking cookies, gardening, walking the dog and a few more activities that will keep them busy all day long!

17. Thomas And The Dinosaur
Thomas the Tank Engine and his friend Percy are startled—and scared—to see a dinosaur in the forest! Train and dinosaur-obsessed boys ages 3 to 7 will get a double thrill from this Thomas & Friends Little Golden Book.

16. A Busy, Busy Day!
Join this cute bunny on an adventurous day, going from one place to another for check-ups, shopping, school and a visit with grandma and grandpa. This is a beautiful story with bright, colorful artwork and easy vocabulary that will delight infants and preschoolers alike.

15. Baa, Baa Black Sheep
This expanded version of the classic nursery rhyme will have your child laughing with the funny verses and learning about colors with the bright and beautiful illustrations of black sheep’s friends, red, yellow, orange and green sheep.

14. You Can Be A Ballerina
Children ages 3-7 will love visiting the city ballet company with Barbie to learn all about the life of a professional ballerina. From looking at the costumes in their dressing room, joining the ballerinas in their morning practice, watching a dress rehearsal and an unexpected wonderful performance, this is a story that your child will want to read again and again.

13. Being Kind
A big celebration is taking place on the island of Sodor, but Cranky the Crane is very cranky because he always misses all the fun. See how Thomas and his friends come together to help Cranky become a little less grumpy. A story about the importance of empathy and being kind to others.

12. Wheels On The Bus
Read or sing along to the storybook adaptation of the popular song we all grew to love. Travel through the town as the wheels go round, doors open and shut, the bus goes beep beep, and people go back and forth.

13. On A Pirate Ship
A jolly picture book following a crew of not-so-scary pirates across the high seas. Children will love following the story as the swashbuckling pirates sail through a swirling storm, sing sea shanties, and tally up their twinkling treasure!

10. Dinosaurs
An exciting peek into the extraordinary world of dinosaurs that will have your children in awe. This picture book combines fascinating information about these amazing creatures with simple flowing text to excite and inspire beginner readers.

9. Off To Bed!
Countdown to bedtime with this book filled with whimsical rhymes, wonderful adventures, and beautiful illustrations. A story that will prepare your child for bed and teach him or her about the ritual of falling asleep.

8. Croc On The Rock
A jaunty rhyming story about a croc who likes nothing better than to bask on his rock and chase the other animals away. But once he has splashed around all by himself, the croc realizes that a world without friends is no fun at all and sharing the river is the best way to enjoy it.

7. Thomas And The Beanstalk
Thomas puffs up the beanstalk for a magical adventure in this Thomas & Friends version of the ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ fairy tale classic. Above the clouds, Thomas finds an amazing world— with a giant in an enormous castle, huge trains, and a beautiful little gold engine. Readers who love Thomas will be enchanted by this thrilling retelling starring their favorite blue engine and his friends, Percy and James.

6. You Can Be A Gymnast
As a gymnastics competition approaches Barbie and her other teammates helped each other perfecting their different routines. This story will give your child a glimpse into the world of a gymnast but most importantly, it will teach him or her about confidence, teamwork and how doing things with friends can be so much fun!

5. Sneezy Bear
You may well be ‘blown away’ by this charming story of a hungry bear with a bout of uncontrollable sneezing. Will bear be able to overcome his irritation or will it aid him in his quest for food? Be prepared for an earth-shattering tale with an explosive ending!

4. Scram Sam
Sam is an old ginger cat who just wants a place to nap. Wherever he lies down, he’s greeted by a frown. Will he find a place to settle…or will he end up in the dog house again?

3. An ABC of Animals and Other Stuff
An irreverent and randomly wonderful book of ABCs, from ducks to spacemen (well, pretend spacemen) this book is crammed full of colorful characters that will have your little ones finding their alphabetical feet with rip-roaring speed!

2. A Snowstorm
Spot plays in the snow for the first time. Join him on this adventure and find out whether he’ll think the snow is too cold or lots of fun!

1. Lucas And The Lion
Lucas, the quiet lion, has a wild imagination. He spends his days dreaming of amazing adventures, places, and monsters. Your child will love reading about this lion that loves to read books and build new things!