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5 Time-Saving Mom Hacks

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If you are a Mom with your own business, rocking the work-from-home vibe, you are likely to be reading this right now! Now that you have some pockets of time saved with Caribu keeping your little one occupied, we have valuable time-saving advice to guide you through each day, making sure you dedicate enough time to your business AND your kids – it’s all about turning quantity into quality here! With so much going on in your busy life, from kids to working, and everything else in between, use our 5 tips to optimize and save time in your day as a mompreneur.

1- Schedule In Procrastination

We all agree that some days are a real battle, right? You’re only human! With your attention being commanded in 17 different directions all at the same time, it’s totally normal to have those ‘Jell-o’ days where only lounge-wear and ice cream dreamily happen in your head.

Are you a procrastinator? Do you sit over your morning coffee and give yourself all the reasons why you shouldn’t do the things you need to do? Things like why you shouldn’t prepare tonight’s meal in advance, because you know it will save you time later….And why you can’t possibly go to the store just yet because you haven’t had time to brush you hair, as you were catching up on missed emails from the day before, and actually, you prioritized your kids hair over your own? 

Here is a mom hackSchedule procrastination into your diary! Seriously! 

Dedicate 30 minutes to procrastination over your morning coffee while the kids are finishing up their breakfast or on a Caribu call with your family and friends, and literally give yourself every excuse under the sun why you shouldn’t do every task you need to do…set a timer even! 

After that 30 minutes is up, tick it off your schedule as ‘Complete and Achieved’ and congratulations momma! You have now achieved procrastination as opposed to being railroaded by it.

2- Be A ‘Pocket-Of-Time-Optimizer’

As we are on the subject of scheduling your busy days…..become a ‘Pocket-Of-Time-Optimizer’ momma! 

There is only so much your head can hold before you drop an idea or two, or forget to put the apple in the cart for the only one of your children that LOVES Apples, we’ve all done it! 

Here is the hack in two parts:

Firstly- Schedule your day with the essential, non-negotiable tasks, like preparing food and taking the trash outside etc.

Continue to fill your whole waking day with all of the essential things a mom needs to do, because only you can do them! 

Secondly- Identify your pockets of time and blitz your business in 5, 10 or even 30 minute bursts and really maximize your business tasks. 

Do you have:

  • E-mails to send out? Do it in a pocket of time! 
  • Your social media to check in on? Do it in a pocket of time! 
  • Voice notes to send? Complete a bunch of generic ones and batch them during your toddler’s nap time or Caribu call to use for later! Clients love to have the personal touch of voice notes, as it shows you are human!

3- Use A Virtual Babysitter


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If you find getting those pockets of time to yourself a little difficult, use Caribu! It is the game-changer of mom hacks. The Caribu app allows your kids to connect virtually to your loved and trusted ones to do activities together, such as reading books, drawing, or playing. This can really get you your pockets of time for the things you need to do, all while your children are virtually with someone they cherish, someone you trust,  and doing something they enjoy!

4- Seek and Give Support

Speaking of human….That’s exactly what you are! Mompreneurs need support and inspiration from other mom entrepreneurs. As the adage goes, ‘Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe’, so make sure you hack your way to your tribe! The people who will follow you for your mom hacks, guidance, and inspiration are the people who you will follow for the same support. Whether it’s online or offline there are many supportive communities for moms just like you.

These people are not your competition in life, they are your support network and catch-net when you need some picking up! Collaboration over competition, always.

5- Show The Real You

Be transparent! You are a mom who is absolutely KILLING it at being a Mom and a business owner all at once, so show your vulnerabilities, show your mess-ups, show your tribe that you don’t have to sacrifice being a mom to have a business or vice versa! 

Share your mom hacks with others; like how to pack a lunch-box in 1 minute, how to plan your families outfits a week in advance or simply hacking your way to an hour of pampering time for yourself post bed time stories, because you have earned it and you can share the love! 

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