An Easy Step-By-Step Guide On How To Draw A Frog

Frogs are such interesting little creatures that children seem to be so intrigued by. From their slimy exterior to their long and fast tongues, kids get so excited whenever they find one. No wonder they like to crouch down and pretend to be one by hopping all around, shouting “ribbit, ribbit”! 

Are your kids interested in learning how to draw a frog? This step-by-step guide will help them to be able to add more to their drawings. Our guide has clearinstructions on how to draw a frog so that you and your child can find drawing together easier and more enjoyable! 

If your child or grandchild happens to be at an age where they’re not ready for this level of drawing, download our app and get access to tons of different coloring pages including ones with frogs. Now, before we start drawing, how about learning a few fun facts about frogs first?  

Fun Facts About Frogs

To get your little ones excited about drawing some frogs, you can start off by sharing some fun facts about them. Do you know there are more than 6,000 different species of frogs worldwide? That’s so many! 

Do you or your child know anything about poisonous frogs? Not all frogs are friendly and harmless, but rather can be very toxic to people and animals. One poisonous frog that is well-known is the gold poisonous dart frog. Believe it or not, one gram of toxins from the golden poison dart frog could kill 100,000 people!

Another interesting fact you can share with your kids is that frogs don’t drink water. Instead, they absorb it into their skin! How amazing is that? What other animals do you know of that don’t actually drink water? Okay, now that you know a few fun facts about frogs, let’s get started on your drawing!

How To Draw A Frog

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to draw a frog. We suggest that you read through all the steps thoroughly first, then go back and complete the steps one at a time. This will help you get an idea of how the frog will likely end up looking. Most importantly though, take your time and have fun with it!

Step 1 – The Head

To begin your frog drawing, we will start with the head. Start by drawing an oval in the middle of your page. Draw it laying horizontal so that the majority of its length is going left to right. 

Step 2 – The Eyes

Draw two medium-sized circles on the top of the oval so that the top line is going through the middle of the circles. Erase the inside of the circles where the line passes through so that the circles look like they’re laying on top of the oval.

Draw a smaller circle inside each medium-sized circle. These smaller circles will be the pupils of the eyes. You can choose whether you’d like to fill in the pupils or not.

Step 3 – The Mouth

The mouth is very easy to draw! Start by locating the middle of the oval which is the head. Draw a straight line starting from left to right, then draw a half oval attached to the straight line below it. This will resemble the tongue of the frog.

Step 4 – The Body

To create the body, you are going to draw another half oval but attached to the head, coming downward. It will not be a complete oval, but it’ll be pretty close to one.

Step 5 – The Arms

The arms will be extending down from the head. Draw a long line down from the head, next to the body, and give the frog three fingers. Then, bring the line back up to connect to the line of the head. Complete the same process on the other side of the body so that the frog has two arms. 

Step 6 – The Legs

Starting on the outside line of one of the arms, draw a curved line that looks like half of an oval and comes back to connect to the same line it started from. Then, draw a sharp thin point extending outward and then back to the line of the arm. This is supposed to be one of the frog’s feet. Repeat this step on the other side of the other arm to add more! 

Step 7 – Make Your Frog Your Own

Now that the outline of the frog is drawn, it’s time to color it in and make it unique. There are hundreds of different ways to color in your frog and design them. Use patterns, symbols, and textures to bring your frog drawing to life! 

Did your child name their frog? Write it next to the drawing so they can look back on their drawing and remember creating it. Do they want their frog to talk? Draw a comment bubble next to their frog and write a fun saying inside it like, “Hi friend! Wanna go jump lily pads together?” Whatever you or your child writes beside the frog, have fun with it and make it personal to them.

Don’t Stop The Fun Here

We hope this instructional guide was easy and fun to complete! We know how hard it can be to draw something new without any direction, so we hope you and your child got the hang of it and feel inspired to draw more frogs (and other animals!) in the future. What about other frog-related activities? Caribu has many different frog activities such as books, games, puzzles, and more!

Are you a grandparent, looking for more ways to connect with your grandchild and create special memories? Caribu is a great tool to use to spend more time with the ones you love when you can’t physically be together. We have thousands of activities you can do one-on-one with your grandchild via video-calls. Distance no longer needs to separate you from your family, because you can have fun with your family immediately when you get started with Caribu! 

Want More Frog Activities?

If your child really loves frogs and wants to do more activities surrounding them, we’ve put together a few fun frog-inspired activities! Give one a try and save the rest for a rainy day. Let’s check ‘em out!

Create A New Species Of Frog

This is an exciting game that encourages your child to be creative and use their imagination. This game can be played one on one or with a group. Grab a piece of paper and any crayon, colored pencils, or markers you’d like to use. Have each person create their own new species of frog. 

Encourage them to design their frog however they’d like and give it a name along with interesting facts about it. Is it poisonous? Does it have superpowers? How high can it jump? Try to come up with at least five fun facts that make it different from the rest and special to the person that created it!

Pin The Crown On The Frog

If you have a group of kids, this is a great game to keep them entertained. All you need is a blindfold, a picture of a frog (preferably one that takes up a whole sheet of paper), and a cut-out picture of a crown. Have the kids one by one try to pin the crown cut-out onto the head of the frog picture while blindfolded. Watch them have fun trying over and over again until they (hopefully) get it right.

Hopping Challenge

This is another game that you can introduce to a group of kids. Much like “Simon Says”, this game has the command, “Froggie Says” and has a bunch of different fun commands for your kids to complete. If one of them starts the command without hearing “Froggie Says” first, they’re out of the game. Keep playing until there’s only one froggie left!


  • Hop in place
  • Hop in a circle
  • Hop on your left foot
  • Hop on your right foot
  • Stick out your tongue to catch the fly
  • Hop backward
  • Hop sideways

Catch The Fly

This is another awesome group game that also has a healthy twist.. Have your kids get into pairs of two. Get them to face each other with a few feet between them. Then, have them try to “catch flies” by tossing raisins into each other’s mouths. The person with who catches the most raisins wins! Not only is this a fun game that kids really get into and find exciting, but it also encourages them to eat a healthy snack!

Get Started On All The Fun

From a frog drawing activity to endless resources, gift ideas, and games, we hope these suggestions are helpful and inspire you to get creative and have fun with your family using Caribu. There are so many ways to try new things that bring you closer to your loved ones and help create memories with them. 

See which activities your kids like the most and which ones they end up asking to play again. Get creative and change whatever steps or rules you need to in order to accommodate your family. Our most important rule is always to have fun with it!


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