10 Fun Ways To Create New Stories Together On Caribu With Digital Stickers

Remember the days of paper dolls and cut-out dresses or creating a new cityscape with stickers you lost as soon as you committed to paper? Well, Caribu now has a new feature for the same creative sticker fun – with endless variations! Our new digital sticker packs will keep the kids entertained for hours and bring a new level of fun to your next Caribu Call!

Our digital stickers can be added, shifted, resized, and removed for endless hours of fun “storymaking” with the whole family. We’re serious, you can remove and add the stickers a million times and not worry about them losing their stickiness! Choose from different sticker themes in our Play Library, click on the sticker in the Drawing Tools section and open up the sticker packs by tapping on one of the sticker icons. Make sure to save your masterpieces to your camera roll to share with the family! 

We also did the multiplication for you and yes, there are 1M+ possible combinations across all of our sticker packs. Learn more about all of the new activity-based sticker packs below and get on Caribu ASAP to create a new story together with the little ones.

* * *

Barbie Photoshoot

Get Barbie ready for her close-up with many different outfit options. Mix and match as you like!

Summer Tea Party

In this elegant summer tea party you can set the table with beautiful dishes and scrumptious desserts!

Puppy Teacup Dress Up

This puppy is done with the groomer and ready for some accessories! 

Cooking With Love

Use the pots and pans and provided ingredients to cook up a meal for your family!

Beware Of Pirates!

Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! Create your own pirate adventure story in this scene! 

City Street

Build your own community or design a new one!

Dino Land

RAWR! Create your own dinosaur adventure!

Decorate Your Pumpkin 

Decorate your Halloween pumpkin in spooktacular fashion!

Haunted Halloween

Don’t be afraid to create a ghoulish scene this Halloween! 

Harper At The Beach 

Help Harper pick out her outfit for some fun in the sun!