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Magical Tales Come To #CampCaribu Week 5 With Classic Stories And New Fairytales

Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum! It’s ‘Magical Tales’ week at #CampCaribu! It’s the perfect time to enjoy classic stories of mermaids, magic, and mysteries with family and friends! Discover tales of adventure, dragons, giants, wizardry, and even a few friendly monsters. 

Pick some of your favorites, and read them together on a Caribu Video-Call with your (grand)child. Share some memorable lines (“Rapunzel, Rapunzel!”) and use your imagination as you read the books in a virtual playdate. What delights you about familiar classic characters? What is similar and different about these versions of the stories compared to the ones that you might have read years ago? What do you think could be changed to keep up with the times?  

There are also some new and modern magical stories in this week’s selection, so don’t forget to give those a try. Take note of mermaids who care about pollution (What’s The Commotion In The Ocean), kids who try to trick the tooth fairy (The Toothfairy’s Tummy Ache), or kids who can fly (Floating Boy). 

Log in to the Caribu app daily to participate in this week’s magic, and invite your friends and family to join the fun on a Caribu Video-Call. You can also enjoy interactive games and drawing pages, like unicorn mazes, princess coloring pages, and more. 

Mermaid Monday: This week #CampCaribu celebrates Mermaid Monday! We will highlight four of our favorite mermaid books, each which offers a different glance into the life of these magical sea creatures. If you or your (grand)child has a mermaid costume, it will be extra fun to wear it while reading together on a Caribu Video-Call. Take a snapshot and share it with Caribu on social media!  

Sammy The Snail Video Read Aloud: Are your kids scared of the monsters under their beds? This week Sammy the Snail reads from Where is My Bear? to reassure that the nighttime creatures who might be hiding in bedrooms can be helpful rather than harmful. Tap on the ‘Videos’ tab to find this entertaining read aloud, and enjoy a #CaribuBreak while your kids watch and listen. 

Summer Prize: At the end of this week, #CampCaribu will raffle a custom Read Aloud featuring your child’s name with the book Fairy House. To be entered into the drawing, users must read, read, read as many books as possible in the category! You can also be entered into the drawing if you post to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) about #CampCaribu in one of the following ways:

  • Share your recommendation of a favorite Summer Reading book, activity, or coloring page 
  • Answer one of the weekly challenges (Monday Trivia or Thursday Codebreak) on Caribu’s Facebook or Instagram Page
  • Share a completed #CampCaribu art activity
  • Share a pic of your filled out #CampCaribu Reading Log or Participation Certificate

For your posts, don’t forget to use the hashtag #CampCaribu and tag @caribu

Wishing you and your favorite Caribu Campers a week of magical smiles and connections!