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How To Say Thank You From Home During Teacher Appreciation Week

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, and we wanted to share some suggestions for celebrating your favorite classroom leaders. Since many teachers are staying at home during the Covid-19 pandemic, they are working twice as hard to adjust to new technology and routines. Here are some tips to honor their commitment and dedication. 

1) Send a personal cartoon or picture: You can make an online drawing to share with your teacher using the Caribu App! Invite your child to draw images about special moments in the classroom. Open the “Blank Drawing Sheet” in the “Activities” section. Use different colors and brush sizes to draw an image that honors your teacher. When you are done, you can text it to your teacher directly, or post it to social media. Tag your teacher and Caribu so we can all appreciate their hard work!    

2) Make a video of appreciation: Teachers will love a recorded clip of you and your family saying thanks. Whether it’s a simple greeting or a choreographed dance routine, video messages can brighten anyone’s day, particularly when we are socially distant. Share a video of your children playing at home; invite them to sing a favorite song; or plan an elaborate thank you sketch! Grab costumes and props to add some laughs and fun. 

3) Send a homemade card or keepsake: Teachers love to share in their students’ creativity, and a handmade card is a heartfelt gesture that shows attention and care. Get creative with shapes, cut-outs, and drawings. Add stickers and decorations. Write a message that acknowledges favorite memories and moments from the classroom. Describe what makes time with this teacher special. Share valuable lessons students have learned. 

4) Support distance learning: While teachers and families adjust to distance learning programs, consider ways you can chip-in. Support your children with their online learning by clearing out a comfortable and quiet space to join calls and complete activities. Help kids with technology glitches and make sure they have the supplies they need. Organize a classroom fund for students who do not have technology tools at home. Make a donation of online e-books or audiobooks that can be shared with the classroom. 

5) Keep it small: Teachers generally do not accept large gifts from families. Some school districts even have regulations about this. However, smaller tokens that can brighten a teacher’s day are usually welcome. Consider sending a gift certificate to a favorite coffee shop, lunch spot or book store. Office supplies, like colorful post-its and pencils, can be useful and fun. Small bath & body gifts, like hand creams (and nowadays, hand sanitizers!) are also good choices.

However you choose to appreciate a teacher this week, remember that they will continue to need your support for the rest of this school year and beyond. Check-in with your children to make sure they are staying on track with schoolwork and assignments. Be on time to school events and appointments. Volunteer to help organize the classroom or library. Donate books and supplies when possible. Above all, bring a positive attitude to building a relationship with teachers, and take a proactive approach to challenges that arise. And whenever possible, take a moment to say thank you!