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Celebrate Cinco De Mayo With Reading!

This year, as we stay home during the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, we cannot host large Cinco de Mayo gatherings and parties. However, we can still honor Mexican heritage in other ways! Take some time to learn about Mexican geography or history; try your hand at folk arts and crafts; listen to popular Mexican music; or hit the kitchen to make some favorite Mexican dishes.

Creating Colorful Collectibles

Reading more about Mexican traditions can expand our understanding of culture and folklore. One book on the Caribu app that offers some insight is Creating Colorful Collectibles, by Sneed B. Collard III. This book explores the artistic traditions of Oaxaca, Mexico. It takes a close look at the colorful wooden alebrije animal carvings that are a specialty in Oaxaca. Learn how a Oaxacan artisan creates each animal, step by step. The book features bright photos that highlight the delightful alebrije patterns, and discusses the history of this unique artwork. 

Books In Spanish 

Cinco de Mayo is a great time to brush up on your Spanish. Caribu offers a wide selection of Spanish language books for beginners to advanced readers. Introduce your kids to the basics or practice with more challenging texts.  Here are some of our favorites! 

Me Gusta Como Soy (“I Like How I Am”)

In this sweet and colorful book, a young girl describes what she appreciates in her life. It offers the positive image of a confident, creative child who shares the qualities that she values in herself. This is a helpful text to introduce readers to common verbs and daily vocabulary in Spanish.

Aventuras Con Mi Amigo (“Adventures With My Friend”)

In this bright and fun tale, a fox and a rabbit go on adventures in nature where they discover new animals. Learn the names of animals, plants, and geographic features with these entertaining friends. Practice Spanish words for movement and sounds. Enjoy the watercolor illustrations that bring the story to life.

Pedro Calcetín

Meet Pedro Calcetín, who was born with a sock (calcetín) on his foot! Visit his hometown and join his journey towards self-acceptance. The story has a mythical quality and captures the spirit of a fairytale community. Vivid illustrations of the characters’ expressions will make you smile.

¿Qué Necesitan Los Vaqueros Y Las Vaqueras? (“What Do Cowboys and Cowgirls Need?”) 

For fans of the wild west, this book teaches the Spanish vocabulary needed to dress in your best cowboy/cowgirl outfit. A cowboy grandpa shows his granddaughter the ropes! Colorful cartoons illustrate the text.

Cuentitos De Sumas (“Little Sum Stories”)

Review your Spanish numbers with these visual math problems. Use foods, toys, and animals to practice addition! Friendly characters and bright graphics offer welcoming ways to understand sums. Give it a try using the pictures or the numbers.

Recetas Graciosas Y Saludables (“Fun And Healthy Recipes”)

Are your children looking for opportunities to play chef? This book features simple recipes that are easy to assemble with young kids. Each recipe is accompanied by a poem to add some rhythm to your kitchen! Bright photos and illustrations provide color and guidance. 

Camas De Agua: Durmiendo En El Océano (“Sea Beds: Sleeping In The Ocean”)

Humans sleep in beds, but what about sea creatures? This magical tale shows how dolphins, manatees, whales, and other marine animals rest at night. Go on an underwater journey to learn more about nature and wildlife. Enjoy the beautiful illustrations in this award-winning book.

ZeeZee Puede Salvar El Planeta (“ZeeZee Can Save The Planet”)

This bilingual book tells the story of a cat who wants to stop pollution and help save the planet. ZeeZee chats with a neighbor who explains some of the Earth’s biggest environmental challenges. She learns steps we can take to help out! Read the book in English and Spanish, or switch between them. 

La Tortuga De Verano: Un Diario Para Mi Hija (“The Summer Turtle: A Journal For My Daughter”)

Loggerhead Turtles lay their eggs secretly on warm beaches every spring — and new babies hatch in the summer. How can people help protect their delicate eggs? With detailed photos and information, this diary of a scientist describes the day-by-day mysteries of sea turtle babies, and how humans can protect them. 

Looking for more books in Spanish on your Caribu App? Browse the “Spanish Books” section in the Caribu Library to find dozens of titles on a variety of topics. 

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