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A Song That Spans Generations: Richard Van Camp And Julie Flett Discuss ‘We Sang You Home’

“We sang you from a wish, We sang you from a prayer.” With these heartfelt words in English and Plains Cree, Richard Van Camp begins ‘We Sang You Home’/’Ka Kîweh Nikâmôstamâtinân,’ a beautiful picture book tribute to parenting. The book is featured in the Caribu app as part of this week’s #CampCaribu Week 2 “Father Figures” summer reading.

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COVID-19, Family

It’s the Perfect Time to Record Your Family’s History. Here’s How.

Sheltering in place with your family means more opportunities to share meals, play games, and possibly drive each other a little batty. The extra hours of togetherness are also a good opportunity to collect oral histories. Whether you want to dive into family lore or record a snapshot of life in the era of COVID-19, there are several ways to set yourself up for sympathetic listening and enthusiastic sharing on all sides.

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