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The Power Of Comics

For a long time, comic books and graphic novels were geared toward children on the basis that, because they have pictures, they’re not “real books.” As a child, I wasn’t allowed to read comics for that very reason. I read my first comic book as an adult when I met my husband, who is the comic buyer for our local shop. Today, I am the mother of two girls who are obsessed with manga (Japanese comics). This year alone, I have read over 400 comic books. It’s safe to say that comics play a very large part of our family’s reading life.

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It’s Superhero Week at #CampCaribu! Prepare For Action And Adventure In Your Virtual Playdates

Put on your costumes and fasten your capes! This week is Superhero week at #CampCaribu, and we’re highlighting some of our favorite comic book friends in the Caribu app. From everyday heroes to magical mutants, the week will feature fun and friendly characters on exciting missions. Plan your Caribu Calls to set up virtual playdates, and read these superhero stories together with friends and family. If you don’t yet have the Caribu app, download it today so you can connect with your loved ones and enjoy all of the action!

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