Caribu partners with Teach For America to celebrate Hispanic/ Latinx Heritage Month

This Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month, the award-winning EdTech startup Caribu is partnering with Teach For America and Hispanic Unity of Florida to donate over 300,000 Caribu subscriptions to Latinx families. This donation gives children an opportunity to connect with and celebrate their culture and language with their families worldwide.

Caribu boasts the most extensive Spanish-language library of children’s books and activities that incorporates educational content, for children ages 0-12, like books, games, and activities into a live video-call creating an immersive and interactive experience, with virtual playdates lasting an average of 40 minutes. Children can use the safe and secure platform to call family and friends no matter what device they are on or how far apart they are. The ability to draw or read a story together with a four-year-old in a video-call is changing the game and strengthening family relationships. At the heart of what Caribu does is its content, which is why this donation is how they give back to their community in honor of Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month. 

“A customer recently pointed out to us that Caribu has the largest library of kid-friendly books and activities in Spanish that can be shared across generations in a video-call,” said Max Tuchman, CEO & Co-Founder of Caribu. “She was extremely grateful for the ability to share and preserve our heritage and language with her children and extended family. As a first-generation Cuban-American, I am honored to be building a place where our Hispanic/Latinx families can ensure that we keep our culture alive, generation to generation, no matter how far apart we are.”

Through this partnership, Latinx families will be able to enjoy unlimited access to the Spanish-language library together in a video-call. Caribu has curated their books and activities in Spanish from high-quality globally recognized brands like Sesame Street, Juana La Iguana, Mundo Lanugo, NASA, Encantos, and many more, ensuring that children will be able to share their favorite characters with Abuela, and Abuela can sing and share her favorite nursery rhyme “Los Pollitos Dicen” with her grandchildren. 

“Teach For America believes that we must put equity and the needs of children at the center of our collective work to transform education. Caribu, founded by a TFA alum, is the kind of innovation that kids and families need to connect with one another, their culture, and important learning opportunities in today’s world,” said Jemina Bernard, Executive Vice President and Chief Community Impact and Operations Officer with Teach For America. “As the demand for 21st-century skills increases, children need more educational resources, like this, that build bridges and honor their identities in their quest for more economic and cultural capital.”

“When Hispanic Unity of Florida awarded the founder of Caribu, Max Tuchman, with our American Dreamer Award, we were just proud to be able to highlight an inspirational and entrepreneurial success story here in South Florida,” said Felipe Pinzon, President & CEO of HUF. “To now partner with Caribu and share their interactive technology with our families is a truly full-circle moment.”

Children who want to practice Spanish on their own will now be able to enjoy new videos from Twin Sisters Publishing on the Caribu App. New multimedia content in Spanish will be available for HHM, including Dual Language, Read Alongs, Read With Me, Sing-A-Story, Storytime, and Watch & Learn videos.

Any family who would like to try a free month of Caribu, to share Spanish-language books and activities together in a video-call, can access the platform at