Caribu Holiday Bundles Are The Perfect Present For Family Fun And Connection

By Beth S. Pollak

The holidays are almost here, and Caribu’s gift bundles will bring smiles and cheer! These holiday gift packs include your choice of subscriptions and hardcover books, along with a Magical Caribu Express ticket. Jump aboard for holiday savings, and purchase these beautiful gifts for a loved one!

We’ve carefully crafted the Caribu holiday bundles for different age groups and reading interests. Your friends and family will enjoy the included high-quality books that will bring smiles to everyone’s faces. Plus, an unlimited Caribu subscription for your loved ones means that you can join in the fun with regular video-calls to read, play, and color together in a virtual playdate. It’s a gift that can be cherished by the whole family (and friends too!). 

Here are our picks for the best value Caribu holiday bundles for the season! To visit our store and to see all of the options, click here or on the ‘Holiday Gifts’ section of the Caribu website.

Ages 0-5 Holiday Gift Bundles

My Little Reader Complete Gift Set

This wonderful bundle for the little ones in your life includes a one-year unlimited Caribu subscription and three hardcover books that will delight and surprise. 

  • Are You A Polar Bear is a beautiful tale about a polar bear cub who wakes from hibernation and cannot find his family. Follow his footsteps through the tundra as he searches for his kin! Enjoy the frosty and fabulous artwork on each page. 
  • Shoo Wee Okapi is a hilarious book about an okapi, a giraffe-like animal that has stinky paws! How will the okapi make friends if he can’t freshen up his feet? Join a pack of colorful animals to brainstorm helpful solutions. 
  • The Moon Is Having A Party is a perfect bedtime book for the kiddos in your life. It’s really hard to sleep when the evening sky is lit up with shooting stars, the moon’s glitter, and so many ways to play before bed! Celebrate the magic of the night with the little ones before they tuck in and close their eyes. 

Little Monster Adventures Complete Gift Set 

For all the little monsters out there, this holiday bundle is a great way to explore fun stories, life lessons and pre-K learning skills with friendly creatures! It comes with a one-year unlimited subscription to Caribu and the following three hardcover books:

  • How To Make A Monster Smile gives children some great strategies for when their inner monster is taking over! What can kids do when they are feeling upset? How can they manage frustration and anger? Join the monsters in this book for some playful movement and rhymes to help shake off any monstrous feelings.  
  • Ten Little Monsters Go To School gives kids a chance to practice counting —along with all kinds of monsters! Join vampires, werewolves, and zombies to learn the numbers one through ten. Count along with these colorful creatures to build basic math skills.  
  • The Monster Who Could Not Scare raises the question – what happens when a monster can’t scare others? What happens when all of the usual tricks—roaring and growling and sneaking up on kids—just don’t work? Find out in this bright book about how to shift from a monstrous to an optimistic perspective. 

Dichotomous Hippopotamus Complete Gift Set

The Dichotomous Hippopotamus is an hilarious hippo that’s got a lot to share with kids! Enjoy three hardcovers books from the series along with a one-year unlimited Caribu subscription in this happy holiday bundle. 

  • The Dichotomous Hippopotamus Book Of Opposites teachers children about important opposites around the world! Your kids will love the entertaining images of this hippo as he tries out both sides of every situation. 
  • The Dichotomous Hippopotamus Tries on Shoes take a trip with Hippo to the shoe store where he tries to find the best fit! Some shoes are too wide, some are too narrow. Which will be the best fit? Have a laugh with Hippo as he searches for the perfect match. 
  • The Dichotomous Hippopotamus Goes to Bed is a warm and cozy story about getting ready for bed! Join Hippo and Froggy as they clean up, take a bath, put on their pajamas, and tuck in! Celebrate the bedtime ritual together with these chummy pals. 

Ages 5-7 Holiday Gift Bundles

My Growing Reader Complete Gift Set

For kids who are developing their literacy skills, this holiday bundle means a year of unlimited reads, games, and calls with Caribu, plus three fantastic hardcover books to enjoy as they learn. 

  • The Best Seat tells the story of Jack the cat, who can’t wait to sit in his favorite easy chair and listen to music…except a walrus has taken his spot! How will they resolve this conflict? Jack searches for a better seat all over the house, only to discover that the best seat is alongside his new friend. Laugh along with Jack and the walrus in this funny book as they learn an important lesson about sharing. 
  • In Frog’s New Shoes, journey to the swampy town of Tenbin Hollow, where Frog is frustrated by his heavy bag of shoes. Even though it’s time for a new pair, it’s hard for him to let go of his old collection. When he goes to the shoe store, his friend Crocodile gives him helpful advice about finding a good fit and moving forward.
  • Nesting Neighbors is a charming book about what happens when a new bird family moves into a tree next door! Explore how the parent birds set up a nest for their babies, and support them as they grow. Celebrate nature and life cycles with this colorful book that will spark curiosity and excitement.     

Super Science Complete Gift Set

For science lovers, Caribu’s got a fantastic holiday bundle, with a one-year Caribu unlimited subscription and three hardcover books to inspire inquiry and excitement.

  • Penelope Pie’s Pizza Party asks a question: How can kids divide a pizza equally for all of the guests at a party? Which toppings will go where? Have fun with fractions and flavors in this story that brings math to life. 
  • Nia The Germinator invites kids along for a cleaning extravaganza with little Nia as she takes on the germs around her home! Learn the science behind bacteria and other bugs as Nia tackles tricky corners with her geminator powers.   
  • Olivia’s Tower: The Building Power of Cells teaches kids about the parts of a cell with a sweet story about Olivia and her scientist mom! Enjoy the brightly illustrated diagrams that capture the essential purposes and functions of each cell organelle. Learn with Olivia as she discovers that everything on earth has its own building blocks.   

You can find these and more holiday gift bundles in the ‘Holiday Gifts’ section of the Caribu website. If you have not yet signed up for Caribu, create an account and invite a friend or family member to connect! Schedule a Caribu video-call to read, play, and color together in an interactive playdate. It’s a magical way to stay in touch with your loved ones this season from a safe social distance.

Beth S. Pollak is a writer and educator based in California. In addition to working with Caribu, she consults with educational organizations and EdTech companies. Beth has worked as a teacher and journalist in Chicago, New York, and San Francisco. She holds degrees in journalism, bilingual education, and educational leadership. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, biking, picnics, and dance.