Camp Caribu

Bring Your BFFs To Share #CampCaribu’s ‘Best Friends Week’ Stories Of Kindness, Companionship, And Love In A Virtual Playdate

One of the most memorable parts of camp is making new friends! For ‘Best Friends’ week at #CampCaribu, we’re featuring our favorite friendship stories to share with the little ones you love! Enjoy reading about old friends and new ones, and the special bonds between siblings, pets, and even animals. Explore the ups and downs of peer interactions, and learn some valuable lessons about what it means to be a good friend. Celebrate friendships and connect with friends near and far to read together from a safe social distance.

This week’s #CampCaribu prize drawing encourages you to share the friendship love! Invite a best friend to read and play together using the Caribu app. Show them how to download the Caribu app to get started, and then pick some books and activities to try together. You will be entered into this week’s prize drawing when your friend completes the sign-up and starts reading! Plan a virtual playdate, and have fun sharing books, games, puzzles, and drawings in Caribu’s in-app library. 

Kitten Friends

Have you ever gotten into a tangle with your best friend? Start off the week with Ginger and Giles, two sweet kitten siblings who climb rooftops and go on adventures together. Follow their journey through city and countryside! Will they make it home in time for supper? Or will a cat fight get in the way? Find out when you read this playful tale in a video-call.

Pet Friendships

There’s nothing like the bond between people and their pets! Enjoy a warm tribute to a dog and his best human friend in Buffett and His Boy. How do Buffett and his owner build their friendship? Read the book together with your favorite pet at your side! (Stuffed animals are welcome.) Or, call a friend/relative who has a cute pet friend, and share the love in a virtual playdate. 

A Friend Who Keeps You In Line

Making decisions with friends can be tricky if you have different ways of thinking and planning. In Good Choices for Cat and Dog, two great friends run errands and make decisions together. Cat is whimsical and dog is more practical. What would you decide? Learn about how these two friends make choices together as you read this colorful book in a video-call. 

Animal Adventures

Read about Big Dog and Squiz, the story of a very big dog and his sweet squirrel friend, who journey through the woods and encounter some tricky obstacles! Follow them on their adventure as they face risky river crossings, large logs in their path, and some other animals along the way. Through every twist and turn, Big Dog and Squiz support each other with strength, strategies, and true friendship.

The Search For A Playdate

Have you ever felt upset when you couldn’t find a friend to play? In the English/French bilingual book, Puppy Finds A Friend (Le Petit Chien Se Trouve Un Ami) a lonely dog tries to meet some new neighbors. Join him on his search as he looks for a friend that fits! Practice your French words and review some common phrases. 

Unusual Besties

Sometimes worst enemies can become the best of friends! Read about Wobegon & Mildred, two parking monitors who give out tickets to everyone in town. Their ticket-giving rivalry intensifies throughout the story until they realize how much they have in common! Try this curious tale to read about how two enemies can become close friends. 

Stuffed Animal Sidekicks

In Charlie and Emily, Charlie loves her stuffed lamb Emily. She takes good care of her, and they tuck into bed every night together. Do you have a sweet stuffed animal? What is special about it? Read this story in a Caribu video-call, and show your favorite stuffed animal to your family members or friends. Invite everyone to bring their own toys, dolls, or animals! 

Video Read Aloud

Join Caribu for the release of the newest book in the Dog Bird series, Dog Bird Plays Hide and Seek! Check out this exciting video read aloud featuring author Abram Makowka. You can find the read aloud in the ‘Videos’ section of the Caribu app, as well as the read aloud of Makowka’s first book, Dog Bird Makes A New Friend

Weekly Prize Drawing

As stated above, when you invite a best friend to download the Caribu, and read and play together in the app, you can be entered into this week’s drawing! The prize is an annual subscription to Caribu (a $99.99 value)! 

You can also be entered into the drawing if you post to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) about #CampCaribu in one of the following ways:

  • Share your recommendation of a favorite Summer Reading book, activity, or coloring page 
  • Answer one of the weekly challenges (Monday Trivia or Thursday Codebreak) on social media. 
  • Share a photo of you in a Caribu Video-Call 
  • Share a completed #CampCaribu coloring page or art activity 
  • Share a pic of your filled out CampCaribu Reading Log or Participation Certificate

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