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Cook And Connect With Your Family This Week In A Virtual Playdate

Bring out your pots and pans — it’s time to cook and connect with your favorite family members! This week, #CampCaribu presents a menu of ‘Fun With Food’ books and activities for you to try together in a video-call. Each day, Caribu will feature two books: an “Entrée” book that tells a story that involves food or cooking; and a “Side Dish” book that shares a specific recipe. Pick one or both to read and inspire your kitchen kids, and prepare some treats together! 

This week is a special opportunity for a virtual cooking playdate. Contact a friend or relative to share the recipes in a Caribu video-call. Take turns reading and measuring the ingredients. Try out different flavors, toppings, and shapes, and compare what happens with your final dishes! To preview all of this week’s #CampCaribu activities, and to sign up, visit

We’d love to see your cooking crew and yummy bites, so please share any photos of your video-calls, food prep, recipes, and results! Post them to social media with the hashtag #CampCaribu and tag @caribu. 

Specials Of The Week: 

Join Ellie + Ott’s Pancake Party for Berry Breakfast on Monday! If you haven’t yet met Ellie + Ott, they are two adorable animal babies—one an elephant and one an otter! The Ellie + Ott books tell stories of what it’s like to be a family at different stages of early childhood. The books will capture your heart with their sweet characters, clever drawings, and humor about the ups and downs of everyday life. After reading, make some blueberry pancakes for yourself, or try out the recipe for America’s Test Kitchen: Yogurt and Berry Swirl. 

What does a pizza have to do with math? On Wednesday, read about Penelope Pie’s Pizza Party! Learn how Penelope used her math skills to divide up a pizza pie among her friends. Next, read America’s Test Kitchen: English Muffin Pizzas and make your own mini-pizzas from home! Try out tasty toppings and decorate your muffins creatively! 

Thursday is a chance for sweet treats with this week’s video read aloud, Alycat and the Thursday Dessert Day! Take a #CaribuBreak and set up your little ones to watch, listen, and read along with author Alysson Foti Bourque! You can find the reading under ‘Videos’ in the Caribu app. The story involves homemade popsicles, so get your freezer and popsicle sticks ready! If chocolate is more what you crave, read America’s Test Kitchen: Chocolate-Raspberry Mug Cakes, and prepare these moist microwave desserts in a simple mug. 

Summer Prize

At the end of this week, #CampCaribu will raffle an annual subscription to Caribu (a $99.99 value)! To enter the drawing, make one of the #CampCaribu recipes featured from the menu, and share a photo of your food, cooking staff or chef skills on social media!  

You will also be entered into the drawing if you post to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) in one of the following ways:

  • Share a photo of you and your (grand)child in a Caribu Video-Call 
  • Share your recommendation of a favorite Summer Reading book, activity, or coloring page 
  • Share a pic of your filled out #CampCaribu Reading Log or Participation Certificate

For your posts, don’t forget to use the hashtag #CampCaribu and tag @caribu

Happy Cooking and Bon Appétit!