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Top Benefits Of Video Chatting For Seniors

For older adults who are separated from friends and family by distance, video chatting provides a convenient way to stay connected any time, any place. Video calling has several benefits over traditional phone calls. Seniors can see the faces of grandkids and other family members instead of just hearing their voices, making communication more personal and interactive. Video chatting also allows family members to check in on their senior loved ones and see how they are doing, which is especially important if they cannot visit often.

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COVID-19, Social Tech

I Was A Screen Time Expert. Then The Coronavirus Happened.

What I’ve come to realize with clarity in these dark, anxious times is that so many of our problems “with technology” don’t emanate from the screens that our children are glued to but from the disruption and alienation that creeps into our own relationships with ourselves and others as we allow our experiences and tough emotions to be mediated, numbed out, blurred, by media. The phone is like a fentanyl lollipop; yes, it’s possible to abuse, but our pain, and the massive pain of the world driving us to it, is arguably the real problem.

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