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Running out of ideas? Here are a few activities for kids at home

More than 300 million children around the world are home from school due to the outbreak of COVID-19, otherwise known as the coronavirus. Prolonged absences from daycare or school can be challenging for everyone, but especially for our little ones. Distance learning is not an option for babies: there aren’t any math worksheets or chapter books to send home.

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10 Kid’s Birthday Party Ideas For When Everybody’s Stuck In The House

Whether you had a big party planned or not, being forced to stay in the house for your birthday is a bummer, especially if you’re a kid. Social distancing has made just about everything more complicated, but with the right kid’s birthday party ideas you can still celebrate your little one’s big day at home. All you need is some imagination (and a little sugar wouldn’t hurt).

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Playdates are out, schedules are in — what experts say kids should and shouldn’t do as the coronavirus outbreak closes schools

In an effort to slow the virus’ spread, almost 20 states temporarily shuttered statewide kindergarten through 12th-grade schools as of Sunday. They are shifting to online instruction, just like many colleges that are ending in-person classes. Many other cities and towns are taking the same approach in states that haven’t yet announced closures.

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