The Important Role Of Aunts And Uncles In Children’s Lives

Aunts and uncles can also be the adult friend a child needs. For example, a child could be too nervous to talk about their crush in math class or the bully on the playground with their parents. They certainly want to address these issues with someone but may feel their parents will be dismissive or explosive about what’s bothering them. Cue in the “cool uncle” who listens without the judgmental and presumptive attitudes parents could show when addressing touchy topics with their kids. Aunts and uncles may have a more relaxed approach with their nieces and nephews, offering different and more encouraging solutions to a child’s problems. They are more likely to tell their nieces and nephews embarrassing stories about their parents. These and other entertaining exchanges could help solidify a powerful and trusting relationship between aunts and uncles and nieces and nephews for many years.

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