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CampCaribu is for kids that are between ages 0-13.


Weekly Reading Activities & Challenges

100 days of books, activities, and challenges for your little one to enjoy! Weekly Reading Logs and Achievement Certificates to celebrate reading progress.

Week #12: 'School Vibes' Week At #CampCaribu!

Monday: First Day Of School Stories 

Featured Books: Going to School by Anna Civardi and Stephen Cartwright, Be Big! Beatrice’s First Day of First Grade by Katie Kizer, Little Tiger School by Scarlett Wing and Kathryn Selbert; Mr. Business: The Adventures of Little BK: Book 1: The First Day Of School by B.K. Fulton and Salaam Muhammad. 

Conversations For Your Caribu Call:

Describe a memory of a first day of school or first day of a program. What do you remember feeling? How did the day go?

Tuesday: Feelings About School 

Featured: How to Make a Monster Smile by Tomi Schwandt, Elmer’s Feelings by Kari Milito and Chiara Civati, Buster the Delicate Doodle Jennifer Beland and Ana Pueyo

Conversations to share with your reading:

  1. How do you feel about school this year?
  2. What are you happy about? What are you not so happy about? Why? 

Wednesday: Math Day 

Featured Books: Little Number Stories Addition and Little Number Stories Subtraction by Rozanne Lanczak Williams, My First Counting Book by Flowerpot Press, The Little Monsters Go To School by Torin Lee, Deductive Detective by Brian Rock and Sherry Rogers, Let’s Measure It by Luella Connelley and Jannie Ho

Caribu books aren’t only about reading—they are a chance to do math too! Check out all of the books that help with numbers and math practice. Work on sums and subtraction, and practice measuring too. Plus—can you ‘quack’ the case in Deductive Detective’s mystery? 

Activities and conversations to share with your reading:

  1. Practice your number counting—How high can you go? 
  2. Can you count numbers backwards? 
  3. After reading the book Let’s Measure It!, try measuring items in your house!

Thursday: Science Day!

Featured Books: Ira: Science Fair Winner by Ira Flatow, Bat Count by Anna Forester and Susan Detwiler, Clouds by Katharine Hall, Animal Eyes, Animal Ears, Animal Legs and Animal Skins by Mary Holland and Highlights Books: How Are Rainbows Made?and Other Questions About Earth and The Earth Is Really Moving 

Conversations to share with your reading:

  1. What type of experiment would you like to do for a science fair? Why?
  2. What is something you read about that you would like to know more about? What do you want to know?

Friday: Learning About Health

Featured Books: La Petite Pétra: Coronavirus by Krystel Armand Kanzki and Oksana Vynokurova, My Forever Guardian by Kristina Jones and Beatriz Mello, Going to the Hospital by Anna Civardi and Stephen Cartwright, Critter Fitter with Busy Bee, When a Ladybug Can’t Hug, and Wearing a Mask Says I love You, by Dr. Jen Welter and Brooke Foley 

Conversations to share with your reading:

  1. What is something new you learned about sicknesses?
  2. What can you do to help yourself and others when someone is sick? 

Saturday: Books From Creative Teaching Press

Featured:  My New Backpack by Rozanne Lanczak Williams and Michael Jarrett, Cat And Dog at School by  Rozanne Lanczak Williams and Gloria Jenkins, Reading Is Fun By Rozanne Lanczak Williams and Michael Jarrett, Safety Counts by Joel Kupperstein and Richard Carbajal, We Can Share At School by Rozanne Lanczak William and Aaron Sacco

Conversations to share with your reading:

  1. Who are your favorite characters in these books, and why?
  2. What is something you learned from these books that you will keep in mind for the school year?

Sunday: Art Walk Day!

Featured Books: Caribu Art Walk 1 and Caribu Art Walk 2

Take an art walk with Caribu! Enjoy some classic paintings from a safe social distance. 

Conversations to share with your reading:

  1. Which is your favorite painting? What do you like about it? 
  2. Study one of the paintings. Then, make up a story about it. What do you think is happening? 

For more ideas about activities to do with Caribu Art Walk books, visit:

Log And Schedule! 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Week-1-Reading-Log-1024x791.jpeg Later, go into the Caribu app and take a look at all of the books and activities you and your (grand)child completed this week! Make sure to record them in the reading log. 

After that, plan next week’s Caribu time! Mark your calendar with the times that you will use Caribu. Schedule blocks of time for video-calls with family members, reading independently, or watching a Video Read-Aloud. 

If you participated in the Summer Reading Challenge, you will receive a certificate in your e-mail on Monday which you can fill out to celebrate all of the books/activities/videos you completed during the first week. You will also receive an achievement badge to recognize your accomplishments and to display proudly on social media.