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CampCaribu is for kids that are between ages 0-13.


Weekly Reading Activities & Challenges

100 days of books, activities, and challenges for your little one to enjoy! Weekly Reading Logs and Achievement Certificates to celebrate reading progress.

Week #10: Animal Adventures Week At #CampCaribu!

Monday Trivia!

Featured Book: Every So Often A Zebra Has Spots by Lauren Grabois Fischer

#CampCaribu Trivia Clue: In the story, what is the cow selling at a stand?

Conversations to share with your reading:

  1. Describe an unusual “What if?” situation, like the ones in the book, where an animal does something unexpected.  
  2. Describe a person that you know who has done something unexpected in their life. 

Tuesday: Grandparent Day




Featured: Baby Einstein books: First Animal Words, Busy Little Animals, A Day on the Farm, A Noisy Farm Day, Jungle Friends

Reading: Pick one or more of the Baby Einstein books to read together. Learn the names of the animals, and practice making animal sounds! You can also share some of the conversations below:

Conversations to share with your reading:

  1. In First Animal Words, practice the words and locations where animals live. 
  2. Which location would you like to visit? Which animals would you like to see? 
  3. In Busy Little Animals, practice the animal sounds and movements. Which sounds do you like the most? Which movements do you like to do?
  4. In A Day on the Farm, which area of the farm did you like the most? Which would you visit first, and which animals would you like to see?
  5. In A Noisy Farm Day, practice the animal sounds. Which sounds do you like the most?
  6. In Jungle Friends, pick an animal that you liked. What do you like about it? What else would you like to learn about it?

Wednesday: Read Aloud 

Featured Book: Shoo Wee Okapi by Leslie McCrary. 

Follow along with the read aloud in the ‘Videos’ section of the Caribu app.  

  1. What was something funny about this story? What made you laugh?
  2. Would you like to meet an okapi one day? Why or why not?

Thursday: Dinosaur Day!






Featured Books: Dino Tracks, Dino Treasures, Dinosaurs, I Am Allosaurus, Princess Delaynie the Dinosaur, You Shine! /¡Brillarás!

Conversations to share with your reading:

  1. What is something interesting that you learned about dinosaurs from your reading?
  2. Which is your favorite dinosaur that you read about? What do you like about them?

Friday: International Day

Featured Books: Which Animal Is Fastest? By Brian Rock 

Enjoy this book about a competition between animals from all over the world! Which animal is the fastest on land? Which animal is the fastest in the sky? Which animals is the fastest in water? 

Conversations to share with your reading:

  1. Which animal did you think would be the fastest? Why?
  2. Which animal surprised you the most? Why?
  3. What are you *fast* at doing? 

Saturday: PJ Day!




Featured Book: PJ’s PJsGiraffes, PJ’s PJs Koalas, PJ’s PJs Anteaters by Ink Robin and Gustav Gejert

Put on your PJs to read stories with PJ about his favorite animals! 

Conversations to share with your reading:

  1. What is an interesting fact you learned about an animal from these stories?
  2. Which was your favorite page in the book(s)? What did you like about it? 

Sunday: Classic Animal Tales!




Featured Books: The Three Billy Goats Gruff, The Ugly Duckling, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Chicken Little, The Wind in the Willows

Pick a classic tale to read together with your child in a Caribu Call!

Conversations to share with your reading:

  1. What is a lesson that you learned from this story? 
  2. Who was your favorite character in the story? What did you like about them?

Log And Schedule! 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Week-1-Reading-Log-1024x791.jpeg Later, go into the Caribu app and take a look at all of the books and activities you and your (grand)child completed this week! Make sure to record them in the reading log. 

After that, plan next week’s Caribu time! Mark your calendar with the times that you will use Caribu. Schedule blocks of time for video-calls with family members, reading independently, or watching a Video Read-Aloud. 

If you participated in the Summer Reading Challenge, you will receive a certificate in your e-mail on Monday which you can fill out to celebrate all of the books/activities/videos you completed during the first week. You will also receive an achievement badge to recognize your accomplishments and to display proudly on social media.