Caribu ❤️ U.S. Service Members

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Current U.S. military service members (anyone with a .mil account) may click here and follow the instructions to get a free subscription for the duration of their service. Sign up now through Blue Star Families.

Open the Caribu app, create an account and start making Magical Caribu Calls.

Campaign FAQs

Why only currently serving U.S. military? What about veterans?

Our currently serving military are those most likely to be deployed or separated from their families because of a PCS. Also, the verification system we have chosen to use works best with active email addresses.

Does the other caller have to subscribe as well?

Only one account has to have a subscription. This account can invite family members to download the Caribu App and enjoy video-calls with the subcriber for free.  To invite family members, tap on the green “Family” button and then tap on the “Add New Contact” icon.

How long is the free subscription?

Your Caribu subscription will be free throughout your active duty status. You will need to renew each year to verify active status.

What do you need as proof of active military status?

You only need to provide your basic information so we can verify your military status. We do not store or use any of this information for anything else: First and Last names, Date of Birth, and Military email (ending in .mil). If you do not have a military email address or if you have any issues getting verified, please email us at so we can personally resolve the issue.

Can I only use Caribu with a video-call?

Caribu is meant to be used as a virtual playdate but many families also use Caribu to read and play together in person.

Does it work outside of the U.S.?

We have families in 200+ countries/territories playing together through Caribu. Caribu can be accessed on the web and by downloading our app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

I never use my .mil address. Can I use another one?

You can use your personal email address to create your Caribu account, but you must use your .mil address when verifying your free subscription on Blue Star Families.

What languages do you have?

Caribu has content in 10+ different languages including English, Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Portuguese, and Arabic.