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10 Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day At Home

This year, families around the world will be celebrating Mother’s Day from home. The moms in our lives do so much to support us, and it’s important to honor them for their love, effort, and care. Although we are indoors, there are many ways to make it a meaningful Sunday. Try some new activities, or take a fresh approach to old traditions! Here are some suggestions for inexpensive ways to honor and celebrate the special mothers in our lives. 

1) Make a homemade card for Mom (or Grandma!): It’s always super special to receive a handmade card, particularly when it comes from family. Sit down with art supplies: markers, crayons, stickers, and paper to decorate a thoughtful note. Include some images or messages about favorite memories or activities. Tell mom how much you appreciate everything she does. 

You can also decorate a card together using the Caribu App. In the Caribu “Activities” section, find the “My Mommy Is…” card to color in the “Women Are Lit” category. Draw a favorite illustration of mommy, or pick some words to describe her. You can also use the “Blank Drawing Sheet” if you’d prefer to create your own message on a clear page. 

When you are done, share it on social media, and tag your mom and Caribu so we can all celebrate together. 

2) Make a Mother’s Day meal or treat: There’s nothing like sharing Mother’s Day breakfast in bed with family. Wake up early, and pick mom’s favorite foods to plate for a morning surprise. Or, cook a favorite meal together! You can also bake a special treat that she enjoys: cookies, brownies, cupcakes, or other desserts. 

If you are far away from mom, consider cooking together using a Caribu Video Call! Search the “Let’s Cook Together” section of the Caribu Library to find some kid-friendly cookbooks. Pick some recipes that look yummy. Try them out in your respective kitchens, and share tips along the way. Compare your results, and see whose turned out best! 

For a special Video Call with Grandma, consider reading Grandma’s Kitchen. This book celebrates the messy fun of making cookies with your grandmother. Ask your grandma to share her best recipes so you can mix ingredients and bake together. 

3) Cover mom’s chores: Mom will definitely appreciate some help around the house! Take over her chores for the day or make an extra effort to clean up. Even small gestures can show your support: Set the table, do the dishes, make mom’s bed, fold the laundry, or take out the garbage. You might consider reading How Can I Help? on the Caribu App to get some more ideas. This book gives kids suggestions of ways to contribute to tidying, cleaning, cooking, and more. It is written with simple language for beginning readers and has bright photos to show them how to help. 

4) Make fun masks together: Mother’s Day is a great time to have some fun with face masks. In the story, A Mother’s Day Wish, a family goes on a Mother’s Day Trip to the zoo. They buy some funny animal masks while they are there. Consider decorating your face masks with animal faces or other fun designs. Use fabric crayons or non-toxic markers to add some color. Add whiskers, buttons, or creative trims. When you are done, check to make sure you can still breath comfortably through your mask before you wear it.  

5) Launch an Indoor Scavenger Hunt: Have you tried one of Caribu’s Indoor Scavenger Hunts? They are a great way to add some mystery and excitement to Mother’s Day! Challenge your relatives on a Video Call or at home. Your mission is to locate five types of objects around your home. Be creative with your choices, and share what you find! Add a timer to make it even more competitive. You can find the Indoor Scavenger Hunts in the “Activities” Section of your Caribu App, under “Indoor Activities.”

6) Celebrate role models: Many moms and parents balance home life with fascinating careers and social justice work. Take some time to celebrate the achievements of women from across the globe in Caribu’s “Awesome Women” category. Read about people like astronaut Mae Jemison, photographer Dorothea Lange, and former first lady, Lady Bird Johnson. 

7) Pick an Art Challenge: Try one of Caribu’s “Art Challenges” in the “Activities” section. Take turns creating a masterpiece! One person calls out an object to draw, and then the second person draws it. Switch with each other, and explore how you can draw images in different ways. For more structure, try one of the many coloring pages, from spaceships to sports, to trains, princesses, and dinosaurs. 

8) Pair up for puzzles and surprises: There are many fun puzzles to try on the Caribu App: mazes, word searches, connect the dots, tic-tac-toe, and matching games. Pick Mom’s favorite and challenge her to a game. There are also “Surprise Egg” activities that reveal secret pictures. Guess what’s inside, and color to find out!

9) Read a story about love: Add some extra love to your story time by reading a book that celebrates the special relationship between moms and their children. In the book, I Love You Mommy, Little Bear wants to try fishing, climbing, and playing. But he needs a little help from his mommy! Celebrate the warmth of mom’s guidance with this sweet story about how to navigate little challenges in the big world.

10) Make a wish: In the book Mommy Wishes, a series of cute animals share their hopes for the years ahead. Mommy bear uses a dandelion’s petals to list her wishes for her baby cub. What dreams do you have? Read the story, and make a wish with your mom that looks towards a bright future. Curl up in a comfortable spot to read together, or make your wish over a Video Call. Who knows what next year will bring?