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The Best 4 Tips for Tackling Halloween Candy [Updated 10/29/19 thanks to Shark Tank]

Halloween is just around the corner! As a mother of three young boys, I find the events leading up to Halloween delightful: home decorating, costume shopping (wish my kids were still into family costumes), school parties, pumpkin carving, and, last but not least: that spectacular night of trick or treating.

Family Halloween Costume 🙌

This magical night of trick or treating is guaranteed to result in two things: 

  1. Amazing Instagram content.
  2. A boatload of Halloween candy.  

I have full confidence you’ll rock those Instagram posts. So, let’s talk through the Halloween candy situation.  You get home from trick or treating, set an “only 3 more!” limit for your kids and grandkids. Off to bed they go, and all is good.

#Halloween 🎃

The next day begins the Halloween candy aftermath – all that candy which is a pure treasure to kids. They wake up looking for that candy as they do presents under the tree. What happens now?

If your kids are anything like mine, candy turns them into the Tasmanian Devil.  Not to mention the known fact that too much sugar isn’t great for kids’ teeth or health.  So, how do we as parents, and grandparents, handle this? 

With Halloween around the corner, it’s time to come up with a plan! I’ve done quite a bit of research and due diligence, and am offering up these four solutions to tackling the Halloween candy. 

Option 1: Just Eat It

After putting the kids to bed, the adults stay up and binge on as much of the kids’ candy as possible. Throw leftovers away, if applicable. Fess up in the morning. We like this idea because – hey – grown-ups should be able to partake in Halloween candy also, right? Then we remembered how this could turn out. We all need to thank Jimmy Kimmel for his annual, Hey Jimmy, I Ate My Kids Halloween Candy challenge:

There’s nothing wrong with picking this option, but you should definitely be fully aware of the potential repercussions. And then remember this: time heals all.

Option 2: Call Upon The Switch Witch

I just learned about the Switch Witch yesterday (crazy! I know!) after watching an old Shark Tank episode. We are 100% going with this option. The Switch Witch is a friendly witch that visits your house while your kids sleep, takes their Halloween candy, and switches it for a toy. To call upon the Switch Witch, your kids leave their candy, along with a note explaining which toy they’d like. Remind your kids: the more candy they leave for the Switch Witch the better the toy 😃

Option 3: Donate The Halloween Candy

Donate the Halloween candy to our troops. With the Treats for Troops program, you can find a donation center near you.  At Caribu we actively support military members by donating a free Caribu subscription to every currently serving U.S. military member. Another bonus is this option also reinforces the importance of giving.

Option 4: Start A Bribe Incentive Stash

Save it as “incentive candy.” Let’s be honest, sometimes we parents need to utilize incentives (definitely not bribes) in raising our children.  Whether it’s potty training, chores, homework – you name it – we musn’t be judged if we choose to have an incentive stash; and what a great use for Halloween candy that could be.

There you have it, 4 great ideas for dealing with the Halloween candy aftermath. My kids will be thrilled with the Switch Witch this year!

Which tactic will you choose for your Halloween candy?